A week of symfony #257 (28 November -> 4 December 2011)

This week, development activity focused on minor bug fixes. Meanwhile SensioLabs Connect added a cool feature to create private clubs. Lastly, the official Symfony2 code repository surpassed the 3,500 watchers milestone.

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Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • 0b5499e: [FrameworkBundle] added TraceableEventDispatcher test for Closures
  • 9e6a10a: [Form] added FormError::getMessage() and use it in Form class
  • 0b5c4b2: [Form] Date, Time, DateTimeType forget translation domain

2.0.x branch:

  • 4a8f101: [DoctrineBundle] fixed problem with multiple occurences of a given namespace
  • 769c17b: [DependencyInjection] throw exceptions in case someone forgot to set method name in call
  • 5e5050d: [FrameworkBundle] fixed unescaped file_link_format parameter in CodeHelper that made the functional tests fail when checking a 4xx page
  • 3c83b89: [DoctrineBridge] catch user-error when the identifier is not serialized with the User entity

Repository summary: 3,511 watchers (#1 in PHP, #23 overall) and 894 forks (#1 in PHP, #12 overall).

Updated plugins

  • cpDatePicker:
    • updated datePicker.js
  • cpTcpdf:
    • updated tcpdf vendor library
  • dcReloadedFormExtra:
    • added the possibility to override and add new configuration options to the Chosen widgets
    • fixed logical error in Chosen widgets
  • sfSphinx:
    • fixed wrong reference in main lib class
  • apostrophe:
    • refactored getOrderedMediaItems and friends a little bit
    • slots now get data-pageid, data-name and data-permid attributes, making them much easier to enhance via JS
    • firstOnly option added to slideshows. Displays only the first image and does not attempt to install the standard JavaScript handlers
    • aSlideshow CSS also applies to aReusableSlideshow
    • fixed display bug with long variant names and the options dropdown sizing

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A week of symfony #257 (28 November -> 4 December 2011) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-257-28-november-4-december-2011

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