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A week of symfony #259 (12->18 December 2011)

This week, Symfony2 development got a boost. Firstly, its 2.0.x branch fixed lots of bugs and added some tests. Meanwhile, the master branch added a new kernel.terminate event and introduced a new memory spool for SwiftMailer that makes applications more responsive. Lastly, the 16th maintenance version of symfony 1.4 was published to address some minor bugs.

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symfony 1 development highlights


  • r33249: [1.4] fixed last modified date calculation in sfMessageSource_Aggregate
  • r33250: [1.4] fixed saving i18n fields in subforms
  • r33251: [1.4] fixed sfChoiceFormat when a string to translate contains a valid range
  • Milestone 1.4.16 completed

Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • 73ac773: [Config] added ability to set info message and example to node definition
  • 09678b7: [WebProfilerBundle] added the method information in the profiler
  • 28d93f0: [WebProfilerBundle] made the profile URL clickable only when the method is GET or HEAD
  • 0776b50: removed supports(De)Serializiation()
  • 2c3672b: [HttpKernel] added request and response as arguments to the TerminableInterface::terminate() method
  • aa9b86e: [HttpKernel] added the terminate() call to the Client
  • 9a0aefd: [SwiftmailerBundle] added support for the new memory spool
  • 8713c2d: [DoctrineBridge, DoctrineBundle] refactored the DBAL logging (this allows enabling the logging and the profiling separately)
  • d7712a3: [Process] added ProcessBuilder (this class was copied from Assetic)
  • cab0334: [Console] enabled stderr support for commands
  • 5f98b73, 3f4d718: [Console] added raw output of commands in app/console list
  • 7b619e7: [TwigBundle] used nl2br as it is now part of Twig core

2.0.x branch:

  • 9c1fbb8: [DoctrineBridge] fixed the refreshing of the user for invalid users
  • e3421a0, 4316595: fixed a ton of code syntax violations
  • d97d7e9: [Form] added a check to see if the type is a string if it's not a FormTypeInterface
  • 6548354: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed and tweaked some templates
  • 4d64d90: allowed empty result on EntityChoiceList; changed default choices value to null instead of array()
  • f3e92c4: [TwigBundle] fixed the exception message escaping
  • d5a1343: [Console] improved input definition output for Boolean defaults (they are now shown as true and false)
  • ba7d810: [FrameworkBundle] added functional tests to prove session attributes and flashes in practice
  • 5c41ec9: [HttpKernel] only simple (name=value without any other params) cookies can be stored in same line, so lets add every as standalone to be compliant with rfc6265
  • 9e38d6a: [SwiftmailerBundle] fixed the send email command when the queue does not extends Swift_ConfigurableSpool
  • ce66548: [FrameworkBundle] added tests to prove functional testing works with simultaneous clients
  • 9b8cdab: [FrameworkBundle] prove client insulation and non-insulation works in session tests
  • 997f354: tweaked tens of README files

Repository summary: 3,591 watchers (#1 in PHP, #22 overall) and 932 forks (#1 in PHP, #12 overall).

Updated plugins

  • dcReloadedFormExtra:
    • added the dateTimePiker library
    • added dcWidgetDateTimePicker validator
  • sfTools:
    • added a demo module
    • fixed unit tests for sfFileTools
  • sfRedis:
    • added hybrid symfony cache: memcached for data, redis for cache info
  • cpTwig:
    • updated vendor libraries
  • sfGearman:
    • fixed gearman worker stops on fatal error without any error message
    • connection is now optional in default worker task
  • cpFormulate:
    • added logic to override csrf_attack error message
  • sfDomainRoute:
    • enabled support for Symfony 1.3 and 1.4
  • apostrophe:
    • fixed aDate can be overridden without copying and pasting
    • now you can write your own slot component
    • fixed bug in aText that was outputting slot options as attributes on the form element
    • aPageTable::getPagesInfo() now accepts an 'ids' option with an array of ids as an alternative to the 'where' parameter
    • set history = false on the singleton slots in layout

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A week of symfony #259 (12->18 December 2011)

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