A week of symfony #263 (9->15 January 2012)

This week, Symfony2 master branch committed an important security-related and backwards-incompatible change: moved user comparison logic out of UserInterface. In addition, the winners of the first Symfony Community Awards were announced.

Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

2.0.x branch:

  • b7a8f6d: harmonized commands descriptions
  • 0507840: prevent parameters from overwriting the template filename
  • 127cf52: [FrameworkBundle] updated Slovak validator messages
  • 253eeba, 7f7c2a7: [Validator] fix for PHP incosistent behaviour of ArrayAccess
  • fe62401: optimized string starts with checks (doing this with strpos() is slightly faster than substr())
  • 7f7f82a: [HttpKernel] removed unnecessary regex
  • efce640, 7961014: [Yaml] throw an exception if not readable
  • d67d419: [HttpFoundation] added missing trustProxy condition
  • af32590: [FrameworkBundle] use only _route_params to generate redirect routes

Repository summary: 3,748 watchers (#1 in PHP, #25 overall) and 965 forks (#1 in PHP, #11 overall).

Updated plugins

  • cpTcpdf:
    • fixed watermark to support landscape page orientation
  • sfDoctrineActAsTaggable:
    • pkInlineTaggableWidget sends change() events to the widget being enhanced
  • apostrophe:
    • button slots have a new editLink option, which defaults to true. If you set it explicitly to false, the link field does not appear in the form
    • button slot edit forms default to the title and link that were passed in by the template now, if any, rather than being initially blank
    • the "You are still editing content. Are you sure you want to leave this page?" message is not displayed if the slot has the .a-no-unload-warning class
    • aMediaItemTable::getEmbedCode now accepts an 'alt' option that overrides the use of the media item's title as the alt attribute
  • apostropheBlog:
    • blog and event metadata forms track whether they have unsaved changes, so the new apostrophe.onBeforeUnload method in a.js can ask them

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