A week of symfony #27 (03->09 July 2006)

Development highlights

  • r1560: Extending the options for input_date_tag
  • r1563: Added sfDateValidator
  • r1564: Allow defined user id in input_date_tag
  • r1565: Renamed object_admin_input_upload_tag() to object_admin_input_file_tag
  • r1566: Added lib and data directory paths configurable in front controller
  • r1567: Added a new init-batch task to symfony command line
  • r1572: Added new label_for parameter to fields in admin generator
  • r1575: Added a new sf_admin_container and prefixed all css rules in admin generator
  • r1577: Added support for the new schema.yml database description
  • r1589: Added POST support to sfTestBrowser requests

... plus a dozen bug fixes.

Book and documentation

  • r1580 & r1582:1585: Documented new schema.yml syntax and updated related chapters
  • updated My First Project with new schema.yml syntax
  • r1591: Documented i18n parameter in settings.yml


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I removed the public version of 'European Plastics Recyclers' untill approval.

Whenever the website gets approved, i'll be the first to let you know you can publish it, but would you be so kind removing it for now (as it is down anyway).

snk00sj: ok, it doesn't appear in the list anymore.

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