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A week of symfony #283 (28 May -> 3 June 2012)

This week, two new versions were released: Symfony 2.0.15, including minor fixes and tweaks, and symfony 1.0.14, a security release that address a security vulnerability. In addition, this week started the integration of Symfony2 components into the core of Drupal 8.

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symfony 1 development highlights


Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • 8775f2c: [Config] replaced setInfo(), setExample() with more generic attributes
  • 23bb668: [FrameworkBundle] updated configuration SecurityBundle to new method names
  • fc38e2b: [Form] fixed mapping of violations with empty paths to the root form
  • f33b77c: [HttpFoundation] added a custom file save handler
  • b2cc580: [HttpFoundation] removed Native*Handler session save handler classes
  • d549493: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed time panel for fr locale
  • a551d9e: [DependencyInjection] made ContainerAware class abstract
  • 7b5328f: getClientIp() will now only return valid IP addresses, rather than assuming the X_FORWARDED_FOR is the first comma seperated value

2.0.x branch:

  • 7e3213c: [Form] fixed a bug that caused input date validation not to be strict when using the single_text widget with a date field
  • aaa5cca, 27f9c02, 9a5e6c9: released 2.0.15 version

Repository summary: 4,823 watchers (#1 in PHP, #30 overall) and 1270 forks (#1 in PHP, #12 overall).

Updated plugins

  • dcSaml:
    • fixed XML response saving

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A week of symfony #283 (28 May -> 3 June 2012)

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I think you wouldn't talk about 1.0.14 but 1.4.18 !
Cedric, you're absolutely right! I don't know what I was thinking about :(
1.0.14 ! A very bad memory with this version Javier ? ^^

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