A week of symfony #298 (10->16 September 2012)

This week Symfony 2.1.1 was released to fix a minor Composer configuration issue. In addition, the first edition of the Symfony Live London conference took place.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights

2.0.x branch:

  • 3648abe: [HttpKernel] tweaked an error message

2.1.x branch:

  • 690e28e, c2f8563: [DependencyInjection] convert parameter name to lowercase when removing an element from ParameterBag
  • 3c32fd9: replaced self.version by 2.1.* in composer.json files

Master branch:

  • cc58b30: [Console] fixed misuse of str_pad instead of str_repeat
  • baf2c46: [Config] little code tweak

Repository summary: 5,524 watchers (#1 in PHP, #33 overall) and 1,570 forks (#1 in PHP, #14 overall).

They talked about us

A week of symfony #298 (10->16 September 2012) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-298-10-16-september-2012

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