A week of symfony #299 (17->23 September 2012)

This week, Symfony project introduced a proposal for a new formal release process. In addition, Symfony 2.1.2 was released and some more details about the upcoming Symfony Live San Francisco 2012 were unveiled.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights

2.0 branch:

  • de6658b: [Profiler] use the abstract method to get client IP
  • 71d8148: created CONTRIBUTING.md file for auto-linking in PR's
  • 2ceebdc: fixed stringification of array objects in RequestDataCollector

2.1 branch:

  • 7bafc69: [Process] added a Sigchild compatibility mode (set to false by default) to determine if the process finished with success when PHP has been compiled with the --enable-sigchild option
  • c4429af: [Console] fixed default argument display
  • b8a2f8c: [HttpFoundation] removed the username and password from generated URL as generated by the Request class

Master branch:

  • bb2566c: [Console] console colorization is also provided by ConEmu on Windows
  • 9135431: [HttpKernel] added support for WinCache in ConfigDataCollector
  • 71db836: [Config] improved config validation handling for numerical values (added Integer and Float types and min() and max() expressions)
  • bafe890: [FrameworkBundle] changed Client::enableProfiler() behavior to fail silently when the profiler is not available
  • 0d181bc, c79584a: normalized exceptions fr several components (Process, Yaml, Serializer, DependencyInjection)
  • 6cbeff0: [Console] use find() instead of get() in the help command to allow command aliases to be used when looking for commands help
  • 6bafe5a: [FrameworkBundle] moved some code to the Config component
  • 3680cec: [DomCrawler] fixed PSR-0 incompatibilty (having 2 classes in the same file breaks PSR-0 compability)

Repository summary: 5,558 watchers (#1 in PHP, #34 overall) and 1,585 forks (#1 in PHP, #14 overall).

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