A week of symfony #31 (30 July -> 5 August 2007)

Symfony released 1.0.6 version this week and included the new CLI system with lots of improvements. Symfony 1.1 will also include a new form/validation/fillin layer that maintains compatibility with actual mechanism.

Symfony community keeps enhancing the framework with tons of new plugins and updates to existing plugins. Book translations progress significantly and add a new language: dutch.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r4743: New CLI system (removed pake dependency, added a new command/ directory with classes to deal with command line applications, added unit tests for command/, added some simple tests for tasks/)
  • r4747: changed the default CLASS as the default sfContext class in getInstance() method
  • r4748: moved some code from symfony.php to sfCore
  • r4751: added magic method toString() in label_for() helper
  • r4752: fixed sfZendPlugin is broken
  • r4758: released symfony 1.0.6
  • Updated mahono branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 76 changesets, 19 defects created, 11 defects closed, 15 enhancements created, 7 enhancement closed, 1 documentation defect created, 201 documentation edits.

Book and documentation

Approximate status of book translations: spanish (99%), polish (73%), french (42%), italian (31%), chinese (31%), russian (26%), brazilian portuguese (15%), deutsch (15%), dutch (5%), japanese (-).



Some new symfony powered websites

  • SMAEMV: (french) public agency which take charge of Mont Ventoux Area
  • Pastebin.biz: another pastebin using AJAX.

They talked about us

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A week of symfony #31 (30 July -> 5 August 2007) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-31-30-july-5-august-2007

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very Nice
thank you, I was looking forward to see A week of Symfony again :-)

I was surprised by existence mahono branch. What it is can be found <a href="http://trac.symfony-project.com/trac/browser/branches/mahono/README.mahono">here</a>
then again the propel-dump-data problem has still not been fixed

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