A week of symfony #322 (25 February -> 3 March 2013)

This week Symfony 2.2.0 was released, setting the foundation for the new time-based release process. Moreover, Symfony 2.3 will be released within three months, being the first Symfony2 version with long term support.

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Symfony2 development highlights

2.1 changelog:

  • 0690709: [ClassLoader] added a DebuClassLoader::findFile() method to make the wrapping less invasive
  • b1ea8e5: [DomCrawler] fixed handling absent href attribute in base tag
  • 83382bc: [TwigBridge] fixed the translator extractor that were not trimming the text in trans tags
  • 8f8ba38: [DomCrawler] fix handling of schemes by Link::getUri() (a link can contain any valid URI, including mailto: links)
  • bae83c7: [TwigBridge] fixed trans twig extractor

2.2 changelog:

  • 4ecc246: [HttpKernel] fixed AppCache + ESI + Stopwatch problem
  • 850bd5a: [HttpFoundation] fixed messed up headers
  • 13b8ce0: [Finder] added expandable globs support to shell adapters
  • 32c5bf7: [Finder] fixed ignoreDotFiles(true) does not exclude folders properly
  • 83a61cf: [Finder] fixed paths/notPaths regex for shell adapters
  • f40adbc: [Finder] added adapter selection/unselection capabilities
  • e92b76c: mask PHP_AUTH_PW header in profiler
  • 5bf2f71: [Console] added string input test

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A week of symfony #322 (25 February -> 3 March 2013) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-322-25-february-3-march-2013

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Symfony 2.3 withing three months - that's great!

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