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A week of symfony #328 (8->14 April 2013)

This week, the Symfony project introduced Debug to its growing family of components. In addition, a code sprint for Symfony 2.3 took place to boost the development of the upcoming first LTS version of Symfony2.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights

2.1 changelog:

  • 7fc429f: [Form] DateTimeToRfc3339Transformer use proper transformation exteption in reverse transformation
  • 0f0c29c: [HttpFoundation] fixed bug in key searching for NamespacedAttributeBag
  • b22d2ff: [FrameworkBundle] the /e modifier for preg_replace() is deprecated in PHP 5.5; replace with preg_replace_callback()
  • 94a9cdc: [Routing] added the possibility to set a default value to null in XML Loader
  • 047212a: [Yaml] fixed handling an empty value
  • fb686d8: [Yaml] improved boolean naming ($notEOF -> !$EOF)
  • d552e4c: [HttpFoundation] do not use server variable PATH_INFO because it is already decoded and thus symfony is fragile to double encoding of the path

2.2 changelog:

  • 383a84b: [Console] fixed handling of "0" input on ask
  • f163226: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed output of bag values
  • 972bde7: [HttpKernel] fixed the Kernel when the ClassLoader component is not a varilable
  • 46909fa: [Console] fixed merging of application definition
  • 4c51ec7: [HttpFoundation] fixed download over SSL using IE < 8 and binary file response

Master changelog:

  • 1369d54: [Security] made ACL $map protected and moved it to construct
  • 58347fb, 63cbbb5, f0c4ab6: [HttpFoundation] split getClientIp into two methods for better flexibility
  • b265c9e: [Security] added a getter for providers to the ChainUserProvider class
  • d9d9635: [CssSelector] updated parsers to support namespaces (fix for ClassParser included)
  • 12fce13: [FrameworkBundle] enabled the possibility to run PHP bultin server in production env
  • e655120: enforced sprintf for exceptions
  • 7519fdc: [Process] added exit code to ProcessFailedException message
  • 659eb66: [Console] added ArgvInput::__toString and ArrayInput::__toString methods
  • 8642b67: [Console] fixed escaping of args
  • 93b1369: [Console] fixed StringInput parsing to accept newlines and tabs
  • e638e01: [HttpKernel] improved TraceableEventDispatcher to not call Stopwatch::stop() when not started
  • 1356050: [Console] fixed the Console code on PHP 5.3

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hi, I have a sf2 project:
When is it planned to remove the 'minimum-stability": alpha from the Symfony2 release? It's been out a while like that now...

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