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A week of symfony #330 (22->28 April 2013)

This week, it was announced that the Symfony 2.3 Standard Edition will only include MIT/BSD licensed libraries and bundles (view pull request). In addition, Symfony 2.3 was declared nearly completed, with just a few important PR remaining before the first beta version. Lastly, a new version of SensioLabs Desktop was released.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights

2.1 changelog:

  • b313525: [TwigBundle] renamed misprint property (from warmer to finder)

2.2 changelog:

  • 9e49bc8: [WebProfilerBundle] readded context information to log list
  • 0fb35a4: [Translation] added reloading of fallback catalogues when calling addResource()
  • 3c97004: [Translation] reset all catalogues when adding resource to fallback locale
  • be34917: [Console] find command even if its name is a namespace too

Master changelog:

  • 982a30c: [HttpFoundation] added more informative error messages when there is a file upload error
  • e493984: [Form] allowed binding false to a checkbox
  • 7ef73b1: [HttpKernel] added logging when an inline fragment cannot be rendered and ignore_errors is on
  • 5609aae: added currency form type and validator
  • ee784fb: clarified how/when to use client or guessed mime-types and extensions on a File instance
  • 1aa68da: [HttpFoundation] added a way to inject a custom magic file into FileinfoMimeTypeGuesser
  • acc2b6a: [HttpFoundation] updated the list of known mime types (sync from Apache)
  • a1e5c6d: [HttpKernel] use REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT if available
  • f092c7f: [FrameworkBundle] improved TemplateNameParser performance
  • 51512e6: [Console] application/command as text/xml/whatever decoupling
  • 209799b: [Process] use new ProcessUtils::escapeArgument to escape ProcessBuilder prefix
  • 1de29b9: [Process] do not throw LogicException in ProcessBuilder::getProcess if no arguments are set but a prefix is
  • 4f4ec76: [Filesystem] made sure Filesystem::dumpFile() overwrites an existing file
  • 1005fd1, 84ca34b, 31cefc6: fixed Client implementation to return the right Response
  • c8bc953, b60290a: [BrowserKit] added a max redirections limit
  • a6421a0: [Console] added support for multiple InputOption shortcuts written as -a|-b|-c
  • 16cdb61, b62d35f, 5bb4163, e639686, 54c1377, 77c9791: [Console] added more verbosity levels
  • 91ebba4, 0795ea8: [FrameworkBundle] added a new method to create shorthand name from full Controller name
  • 3bb971e: [Console] allowed arrays to be used for lists of shortcuts
  • 45f1a16, 5047227: [FrameworkBundle] made RegisterKernelListenersPass reusable
  • eabb7a1: [Form] added support for PATCH requests
  • 0721ff8, 725568b: [Twig Bridge] save auto-escaping of generated URLs when possible for performance reasons
  • b2e553a, c83546d, d59ffc9: [Security] outsourced all the BCrypt heavy lifting to a library
  • f675dd8, a11f901, 88ebd62: [FrameworkBundle] truly disabled profiler in prod

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Any chance of us seeing a proper PPA for the Ubuntu release of Sensio Labs Desktop?

(right now the Ubuntu instructions contain distro-specific repository names which could be problematic or cause people to avoid them)

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