A week of symfony #334 (20->26 May 2013)

This week, the Symfony Live Portland 2013 conference gathered all the attention of the Symfony community. Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 2.3 version continued removing deprecated options and adding new unit tests.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.1 changelog:

  • 5321600: [HttpKernel] fixed two bugs in HttpCache (304 responses always send Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 header and failed to invalidate cached entities referred to by the Location header)
  • 45b68e0: [Finder] fixed unexpected duplicate sub path related AppendIterator issue
  • 169c0b9: [Finder] fixed iteration fails with non-rewindable streams

2.3 changelog:

  • e61ba7d: [Routing] added Router tests and fixed an exception message
  • 815cee5, 11497f3: added missing files for phpunit in FrameworkBundle and SecurityBundle
  • 79a842a: [Console] added namespace support back in to list command
  • a8f4501: [Form] removed the validation_constraint option
  • 13ba4ea: fix logger in regards to DebugLoggerInterface
  • 8a4b91b: [WebProfiler] removed deprecated verbose option
  • 9d3397d, 573bf07, 3129bee, 12d9b0a, 30fe940, 8d5f39f: [Security] added tests for the AccessMap, the SessionAuthenticationStrategy, the Remember Me ReponseListener, the DefaultAuthenticationFailureHandler, the DefaultAuthenticationSuccessHandler, and the DefaultLogoutSuccessHandler

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we are looking forward to a Symfony week in Tunisia :)
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