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A week of symfony #337 (10->16 June 2013)

This week, after the successful launch of Symfony 2.3, the development activity focused on the upcoming Symfony 2.4 version. The most important change was the introduction of simpler customization options for the Security component. In addition, Symfony 2.3.1 was released to address some minor bugs.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.1 changelog:

  • 445b2e3: [Console] fixed status code when Exception::getCode returns something like 0.1
  • 6b9180a: [Console] ensure exit code between 0-254 (255 is reserved by PHP and should not be used) (reverted)
  • 0c0a3e9: [Console] fixed regression when calling a command foo:bar if there is another one like foo:bar:baz

2.2 changelog:

  • 25e3abd: fixed many-to-many Propel1 ModelChoiceList
  • 849f3ed: [Finder] fixed SplFileInfo::getContents isn't working with ssh2 protocol
  • 4139936: [DomCrawler] fixed handling file:// without a host
  • 8764944, 0991cd0: fixed issue where $_ENV contains array vals
  • 842f3fa, 24a07fb: do not re-register commands each time a Console\Application is run
  • 6b71513: [Form] fixed date type format pattern regex
  • 77f2aa8: [HttpFoundation] fixed issue with session_regenerate_id
  • c0da3ae: [Process] disabled exception on stream_select timeout
  • d0983f0: [WebProfilerBundle] forced the Content-Type to html in the web profiler controllers

2.3 changelog:

  • aa79393: [DependencyInjection] consider alias in Container::has()
  • e65723c: [Console] reset the progress bar status if you want to use two or more Progress Bars in the same command flow
  • b5ded81: [Security] fixed usage of the salt for the bcrypt encoder

Master changelog:

  • 7eb4fde, f731d99: [HttpFoundation] added Request::getEncodings() method
  • 7d51be6: [DependencyInjection] added namespace parameter to PhpDumper::dump
  • d938834: [Security] added simpler customization options

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