A week of symfony #342 (15->21 July 2013)

This week Symfony 2.2.4 was released to fix some minor bugs. In addition, the regenerate method of NativeSessionStorage was fixed for cases when a previous session didn't exist and the Security component prevented listeners from clearing unrelated tokens.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.2 changelog:

  • 52e530d: [HttpFoundation] fixed NativeSessionStorage:regenerate when does not exists
  • 242b318: [DependencyInjection] added exception for service name not dumpable in PHP
  • 2ebb783: [Propel Bridge] fixed issue when modelChoiceList calls getPrimaryKey on a non object
  • 2317443: [Security] fixed issue where authentication listeners clear unrelated tokens
  • d6cafcd: [PropertyAccess] added the 'moves' word to pluralMap

Master changelog:

  • b960004: [SecurityBundle] inject the schema instead of the whole container in the AclSchemaListener
  • 15bf1d7: [SwiftmailerBridge] marked MessageDataCollector as deprecated

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It's strange that Symfony 2.3.2 was released as well, but without any blogposts or other news around it, and even this blog post doesn't mention it...


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