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A week of symfony #347 (19->25 August 2013)

This week, the development activity focused on fixing the handling of the format and locale parameters for exceptions, forwards and sub-requests. In addition, some interesting discussions were initiated around a new directory structure for Symfony and the removal of the ACL from the Security Component. Lastly, the Symfony repository achieved the 7,000th star and the 2,500th fork milestones.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights

2.2 changelog:

  • c6ecd83: [Monolog Bridge] SwiftMailerHandler is now able to react to kernel.terminate event
  • 191d320: [Validation] fixed IdentityTranslator to pass correct Locale to MessageSelector
  • 85a9c9d: [HttpFoundation] fixed removing a nonexisting namespaced attribute
  • 0723c10: [Process] use a consistent way to reset data of the process latest run
  • 51022c3: [SecurityBundle] fixed typo in the check_path validator
  • f946108: fixed the format of the request used to render an exception
  • 6453c1a: [PropertyAccess] exclude short words of 'ee' to 'oo' plural transformation
  • fa35597, 9bb7a3d, b3c3159: [HttpKernel] sets _format attribute only if it wasn't set previously by the user
  • 05fdb12, c4636e1: [HttpKernel] fixed inconsistent locale handling in subrequests
  • 00bc270: [Form] fixed submit() reacts to dynamic modifications of the form children
  • ccaaedf: [Form] PropertyPathMapper::mapDataToForms() always calls setData() on every child to ensure that all *_DATA events were fired when the initialization phase is over
  • 7e87eb1: fixed request format when forwarding a request
  • 4563f1b: [Yaml] fixed comment containing a colon on a scalar line being parsed as a hash
  • cd27e1f: [Form] extracted ReferencingArrayIterator out of VirtualFormAwareIterator
  • 0951b8d: [Translation] fixed regression when only one rule is passed to transChoice(), this rule should be used
  • 33b0a17: [Validator] fixed Boolean handling in XML constraint mappings
  • 566d79c: [Yaml] fixed embedded folded string parsing
  • d0faf55: [Locale] fixed StubLocale::setDefault() throws no exception when "en" is passed

2.3 changelog:

  • fd2f633: [HttpFoundation] included untrusted host in the exception message
  • 07d14e5: [Form] removed exception in Button::setData()
  • 3cb8a80: [Form] added a test that ensures that setData() reacts to dynamic modifications of a form's children

Master changelog:

  • 0beec8a: [Console] improved searching commands
  • 0e14e1d: [HttpFoundation] added constants for HTTP status code in Response

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