A week of symfony #351 (16->22 September 2013)

This week, the new Expression Language component was added to the master branch of the Symfony2 repository. This component allows the use of expressions for services definition, routes, access control rules and validation constraints. It was publicly introduced this week at the Symfony Live London 2013 conference and it will be the main new feature of Symfony 2.4.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights

2.2 changelog:

  • 0e437c5: [BrowserKit] fixed the handling of parameters when redirecting
  • c6c35b3: [Console] escape exception message during the rendering of an exception
  • a47d663: [Console] fixed the formatter for single-char tags
  • c8d0342: [Console] fixed exception rendering when nested styles
  • f65a526: [FrameworkBundle] made sure that the debug event dispatcher is used everywhere
  • a33cc51: [Security] removed unused logger
  • 1b789d2, 38f7ef0: [Yaml] fixed filename in the ParseException message
  • e5282e8: [DomCrawler] Crawler guess charset from HTML

2.3 changelog:

  • b3ae29d: [Form] fixed bytes conversion when used on 32-bits systems
  • d84df4c: [Process] properly close pipes after a Process::stop call
  • 04e730e: [DomCrawler] fixed HTML5 form attribute handling

Master changelog:

  • 639b0fa: [DependencyInjection] allowed null values as tag attributes
  • 6cf5e08: [Validator] convert object to string if possible instead of using var_export directly
  • 08a42e7: [HttpKernel] made request stack feature BC
  • 7826781: [Security] split the component into 3 sub-components: Core, ACL, HTTP
  • 05e9ca7: [Config] created the XML Reference Dumper
  • 9d98fa2: [ExpressionLanguage] added the component
  • 3a41781: [ExpressionLanguage] added support for regexes
  • c25abd9: [DependencyInjection] added support for expressions in the service container
  • 2777ac7: [HttpFoundation] added ExpressionRequestMatcher
  • 38b7fde: [Security] added support for expression in control access rules
  • e369d14: [Twig Bridge] added a Twig extension to create Expression instances
  • 86ac8d7: [ExpressionLanguage] improved performance
  • d477f15: [Routing] added support for expression conditions in routes
  • 1bcfb40: added optimized versions of expressions
  • a3b3a78: [Validator] added a constraint that runs an expression
  • d4ebbfd: [Validator] renamed Condition to Expression and added possibility to set it onto properties
  • 60b9f85: [ExpressionLanguage] made ExpressionLanguage::parse return an ParsedExpression instance
  • 5076ec7: [ExpressionLanguage] optimized serialization of nodes and expressions
  • e869136: [ExpressionLanguage] renamed addFunction() to register()

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