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A week of symfony #37 (10->16 September 2007)

Refactorization of symfony core continues with more than 50 changesets during the last 7 days. Busiest week ever for plugin development: 6 new plugins released and 20 plugins updated.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r5043: allowed generator themes to generate more than actions and templates
  • r5062: fixed blank screen of death (cross my fingers - refs #2231 and #1862)
  • r5065: removed the - in the allowed characters for module and action names
  • r5083: added fix-perms alias for the project:permissions task (to be BC with symfony 1.0)
  • r5086: removed request dependency in CacheHelper
  • r5087: fixed default routing parameter value when this is an empty string
  • r5088: removed usage of a namespace for fill configuration
  • r5089: removed sfResponse usage to store javascripts and stylesheets inclusion flag
  • r5090: added a prefix to store template and layout in sfConfig
  • r5092: added getSlots() and setSlot() in sfWebResponse
  • r5093: added a new plugins/ directory to host bundled plugins (created sfPropelPlugin)
  • r5094: moved Propel CRUD and admin generator files to the sfPropelPlugin
  • r5097: added sfCompat10Plugin as a bundled plugin
  • r5100: moved more files to the sfPropelPlugin (moved lib/vendor/phing,creole,propel and license files, updated sfSimpleAutoload and sfSymfonyCommandApplication to not include Propel by default)
  • r5102: added batch action in admin generator list
  • r5103: moved propel functional tests to sfPropelPlugin, r5105: moved propel addon unit tests to sfPropelPlugin
  • r5106: moved phpmailer and all related files to sfCompat10Plugin (will be replaced by SwiftMailer)
  • r5107: moved bridges to sfCompat10Plugin
  • r5109: removed sfLogger directory under log/ to be coherent with other directory structures
  • r5111: fixed project:upgrade1.1 task upgrades itself
  • r5112: added an upgrade script for singletons (I18N, routing and logger)
  • r5115: added an upgrade class for the new autoloading autoloadAgain method
  • r5116: added upgrade for factories.yml
  • r5117: added settings.yml upgrade to add logging_enabled setting
  • r5118: added upgrade information for VERSION, routing default parameters, I18N, and logger constants
  • r5120: added information about removed methods in sfI18N in UPGRADE
  • r5139: refactored exception management
  • r5144: fixed ETag to be compliant with the HTTP1.1 spec
  • r5150: fixed bug in _get_options_from_objects
  • r5154: fixed code completion not working with sfTestBrowser
  • r5155: added a new class option to the PDO database class
  • r5156: fixed sfConsoleResponse to implement serializable interface
  • r5159: fixed double call to clearCredentials() in sfBasicSecurityUser
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 139 changesets, 26 defects created, 28 defects closed, 8 enhancements created, 9 enhancement closed, 4 documentation defects created, 4 documentation defects closed and 89 documentation edits.

Book and documentation

Approximate status of book translations: spanish (99%), italian (89%), polish (78%) chinese (26%), russian (26%), french (21%), brazilian portuguese (15%) deutsch (15%), dutch (15%), japanese (-).


  • New Job Postings:
    • Symfony Developer - freelance must be located in Paris, France - € 10,000 and more for an intranet project - Contact: felamelliere [at] sitajour [dot] com
    • XenLabs R&D Projects donates 15% of all profits from commercial symfony projects back to the symfony plugin developer community - Contact: geoffrey [at] xentechweb [dot] com [dot] au
    • Symfony Developer - Telecommute ok, must have daily (9-5) availability - Contact: developers [at] onitdigital [dot] com - Website: OnItDigital
  • New developers for hire:
    • BasisEins: we are focusing on e-commerce solutions with connections to serveral erp systems.
    • thinkClear: we develop web 2.0 apps using symfony, Ajax, CSS, Joomla, CMS's, etc. - Contact: info [at] thinkclear [dot] com [dot] ar


  • New plugins
  • Updated plugins
    • sfContactFormPlugin: released 0.2.0 version; updated documentation
    • sfPropelActAsRatableBehaviorPlugin: released 0.6.2 version, removed unused js file call, custom reference field management debugged and enhanced
    • sfDomPDFPlugin: released 1.0.2 version
    • sfErrorLoggerPlugin: released 1.0.6 version, added a try/catch block around logger to avoid exception if the database is not properly configured, fixed bug when request is not available, changed exception_object and request to clob, fixed 'delete all similar' feature,
    • sfCssTabsPlugin: released 0.1.6 version, change of the configuration from files PHP to files YAML, updated documentation, added some examples
    • sfFormValidationPlugin: released 1.1.2 version (bug fix, added Javascript calls to user's defined functions validate_startup() and validate_shutdown())
    • sfMemcachePlugin: adding a pake command symfony clear-memcache that will purge all keys in memcache
    • sfSimpleForumPlugin: changed private methods to protected to allow extension, fixed calculated fields for forum and topic (and added unit tests for it), added locked topic feature, fixed pagination problem when adding a new message, added component for sidebars, added user views tracking
    • sfXSLTViewPlugin: released 0.0.3 version
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: added fix so that parent call() is made so that the template methods are checked
    • sfThumbnailPlugin: fixed coding standard, released 1.4.0 version
    • sfGuardPlugin: released 1.1.11 version, added connection parameters to all methods that interacts with the database, fixed groups, permissions, and profile saving when sfUser has no primary key, fixed array_merge_recursive causes recursion warnings in sfGuardUser.php, added some check in sfGuardSecurityUser proxy methods
    • sfWebBrowserPlugin: updated README - file upload and cookie examples for sfCurlAdapter
    • sfLucenePlugin: added category support, improved performance in Propel behavior with i18n models
    • sfHamlViewPlugin: released 1.1.0 version
    • sfPropelZSLSearchPlugin changed its name to sfLucenePlugin
    • Updated documentation of sfPropelActAsSluggableBehaviorPlugin, sfSIFRPlugin, sfCaptchaPlugin, sfMogileFSPlugin

Some new symfony powered websites

  • 123List.net: free site for posting online classified ads
  • Leukaemia & Blood Foundation: leukaemia & blood foundation New Zealand brand site bringing awareness to Leukaemia and related blood diseases
  • GrownUps: grownUps 50+ online community
  • Jean-phi: (french) Jean-Philippe Serafin's blog about Symfony, Ubuntu and Open Source technologies
  • dimensionLeben.at: (german) a wellness course and training provider; site showing courses and booking system
  • Messireisid: (estonian) online booking system for exhibitions
  • Mp3p.pl: (polish) Music files agregator
  • Bountyfinder: (french) bounty / jobs posting website with user ranking management

They talked about us


I love these weekly updates - keep them coming!
Yes, your efforts are appreciated, Javier!
Is r5062 a fix for the corrupted cache problem mentioned in this post? http://groups.google.com/group/symfony-users/browse_thread/thread/5df23826c604861d/360b5de9fbb84c10?lnk=gst&q=corrupt&rnum=2#360b5de9fbb84c10
@nightfreak: I hope it is. But, as I'm unable to reproduce the error myself, I rely on the community to tell me if it's fixed or not. That's why the tickets are not closed yet.
@fabien: it would be great to have this backported to the 1.0 branch, so we can test it.
@nightfreak: it's available in the 1.0 branch (r5061)
Thanks for the updates once again, Javier.

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