A week of symfony #371 (3->9 February 2014)

This week, the StopWatch component improved the way the event duration is calculated and allowed to get the duration without stopping events. Meanwhile, the code of TraceableEventDispatcher was greatly simplified and new features were proposed for the Console component: adding a PSR-3 logger and adding labels to progress bars.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • acd3317: [HttpKernel] fixed wrong reference in TraceableEventDispatcher
  • de32b8e: [Debug] fixed recursion level incrementing in FlattenException::flattenArgs()
  • 816cf17: [DomCrawler] fixed incorrect handling of image inputs
  • 43a7716: [DomCrawler] fixed filterXPath() chaining

Master changelog:

  • 51d3d62: [Process] added PTY mode and convenience method mustRun()
  • 23acc24: [Debug] made order of suggestions predictable in error messages
  • d3d097d: [Stopwatch] include running periods in duration (method getDuration() now includes periods that are not stopped yet)
  • 2efe461: [Stopwatch] allowed retrieving unstopped stopwatch events
  • 076d417: [Process] fixed ProcessPipes
  • 6dfdb97: [Stopwatch] allowed getting duration of events without calling stop()
  • fe86efd: [EventDispatcher] simplified code for TraceableEventDispatcher

Newest issues and pull requests

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