A week of symfony #399 (18->24 August 2014)

This week, Symfony organized its second DX Hackday. This time developers focused not only on the Symfony core but also on the 30 mot useful bundles. Meanwhile, a new simpler option validation was proposed for the OptionsResolver component.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 169b397, b96e7f9: [DomCrawler] check for the correct field type when using different form fields with the same name
  • f825f5d: [Validator] return empty metadata collection if none do exist
  • 31d48ab: [Form] ValueToDuplicatesTransformer accept "0" as value (fixed wrong return null syntax)
  • 00aedfc: [DomCrawler] fixed the axes handling in a BC way
  • f262b01: [Routing] fixed handling of nullable XML attributes
  • ef23f02: [DoctrineBridge] fixed empty parameter logging in the DBAL logger

2.5 changelog:

  • bb9552f: [FrameworkBundle] fixed validator factory definition when the Validator API is "auto" for PHP < 5.3.9
  • 1eec2d6: [Validator] removed duplicate interface implementations

Master changelog:

  • beca900: [HttpFoundation] MongoDbSessionHandler supports auto expiry via configurable expiry_field
  • d405f43: [Validator] fixed Constraint class to not destroy custom groups upon serialization
  • ce1d209: [Validator] added ConstraintViolation::getConstraint()

Newest issues and pull requests

They talked about us

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Also worth noting: http://level7systems.co.uk/en/symfony2-crud-generator-5-minutes/

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