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A week of symfony #40 (1->7 October 2007)

Delicious week for symfony: Yahoo! shows its commitment to symfony building the next version of with our favorite framework. Hundreds of posts all around the blogosphere echo the oficial announcement and this is only the beginning...

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r5340: fixed sfPropelData error message (closes #2218)
  • r5342: added php extensions version numbers in the web debug bar (closes #1690)
  • r5344, 5345: allow using a custom form id (closes #1899)
  • r5348, r5349: fixed EzComponents include (patch from dwhittle branch) (closes #2193)
  • r5355: plugin-install tasks create relative symlink instead of absolute symlink (closes #2229)
  • r5361: fixed typo in plugin tasks (closes #2332)
  • r5384: renamed sfValidator to sfValidatorBase to avoid class name collision with symfony 1.1 validation system activated sf_compat_10 mode
  • r5393: fixed base class for sfPropelUniqueValidator
  • r5395: fixed sfValidatorException problem with the new validator system
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 95 changesets, 25 defects created, 18 defects closed, 5 enhancements created, 10 enhancements closed, 9 documentation defects created, 6 documentation defects closed and 26 documentation edits.

Book and documentation

Approximate status of book translations: spanish (99%), italian (90%), polish (78%) chinese (26%), russian (26%), french (23%), brazilian portuguese (18%) deutsch (15%), dutch (15%), japanese (-).


  • New Job Postings:
    • Symfony Developer - full-time based in Paris, France - more information - Contact: rguillot [at] plemi [dot] com
    • Freelance Symfony Developer - Telecomute Ok, but would prefer you were near New York City, NY, USA - Contact: valerie [at] early-adopter [dot] com
    • Symfony Developer - contract based in Oxford, UK - more information - Contact: jwards [at] whiteoctober [dot]
  • New developers for hire:
    • Olivier Revollat (revollat [at] gmail [dot] com): I have 6 years of experience in web development and system administration, specialize in Open Source technologies such as Linux, PHP ... I'm the author of two public sites made with symfony.
  • New symfony bloggers:


  • New plugins
    • sfUnobstrusiveDojoPlugin: offers helpers to easyily enrich your views with the magnificant and big numbered amount of widgets that come with the Dojo Toolkit. (Warning: This plugin is in Alpha state, so expect changes to be made in the near future)
    • sfFormatSizePlugin: provides a helper to transform any value in bytes into something readable like kB, MB, GB, TB...
    • sfTaconitePlugin: provides a helper and a module to work with jquery's Taconite Plugin (jQuery Taconite Plugin allows you to easily make multiple DOM updates using the results of a single AJAX call. It processes an XML command document that contain instructions for updating the DOM. So you can extend the sfUJSPlugin by a very powerful feature.)
    • sfAmfphpPlugin: plugin that bridges AMFPHP functionality into symfony
    • sfOPTViewPlugin: allows the use of the OPT template engine with symfony
    • Initial commit of sfPropelAlternativeSchemaPlugin: this plugin extends the symfony model generator, based on Propel, to allow a schema to override another one. It also provides a new YAML syntax for defining database schemas, more explicit and more readable
  • Updated plugins
    • sfPrototypeWindowPlugin: released 1.0.4, updated prototype window class to 1.3, added example module, updated config + helper to use sf_prototype_window_web_dir, tweaked config loading
    • sfFeed2Plugin: fixed atom1 uses 'published', not 'issued' (closes #2220)
    • sfUJSPlugin: updated jQuery to 1.2.1 (latest stable) (closes #2081)
    • sfPropelActAsCommentableBehaviorPlugin: made getComments more flexible (closes #2312)
    • sfModerationPlugin: fixed behavior system and added auto-registering system
    • sfSimpleForumPlugin: fixed missing mixin call, more partialization for better cache coverage, released 0.6.3 version, further optimized queries, added a new partial to allow third-party profile enhancements
    • sfUrchinPlugin: released 0.2.0 beta version (added comments to sample app.yml, added mixin methods for setting the urchinTracker() parameter and initialization variables, added support for SSL requests, added escaping to Javascript values, added support for module.yml configuration)
    • sfDataGridPlugin: added phpdoc documentation
    • sfLucenePlugin: fixed i18n (patch from Andrea Giorgini), improved performance with large response contents in highlighting filter
    • sfContactFormPlugin: released 0.2.2 version, some bugfix in the helper, added Polish translation
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: initial entry of sfDoctrinePlugin for symfony 1.1, getting crud working, fixes for crud, a few tweaks, fixes for multiple schemas, changed event listener to use set() as rawSet() does not exist in Doctrine_Record and therefor was not straigtforward enough, fixes for model generation so it generates base classes as abstract, getting all the pake tasks working correctly, started using sfDatabaseManager instead of a custom system to connect to the databases, improved the way the insert-sql task finds models in order to make sure that relations with classes defined in plugins work
    • sfSenseiPlugin: adding directory layout for sfSenseiPlugin, adding the basics for plugin
    • sfReCaptchaPlugin: updated the recaptcha-php-library to version 1.9, cleaned up the example indexSuccess action, released 1.0.2 version
    • sfGuardDoctrinePlugin: adding trunk for sfGuardDoctrinePlugin for sf1.1 development
    • Updated documentation of sfAdvancedLoggerPlugin, sfGuardDoctrinePlugin

Some new symfony powered websites

  • Stage Select: application for students and companies to find each other for training periods
  • (german/english) create your own social network in just a few clicks
  • website advocating the usage of symfony in The Netherlands

They talked about us

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Thanks again for the weekly news update Javier. How is the progress on 1.1 by the way? :)
Very busy week. Thanks Javier
Thanks Javier :)

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