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A week of symfony #406 (06->12 October 2014)

This week, New York was the capital of the Symfony world thanks to the Symfony Live conference. During his keynote, Fabien introduced the Symfony Best Practices initiative and unveiled the first specific details of Symfony 3.0 version, tentatively scheduled for November 2015. Lastly, the first speakers for the upcoming SymfonyCon conference were announced.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 38e9623: [CssSelector] don't raise warnings when exception is thrown
  • f61607f, 676c4a0: [Routing] fixed inconsistencies in RequestContext
  • 96e7b01: use meta charset in layouts without legacy http-equiv
  • a64bd03: [TwigBundle] removed unused email placeholder from error page
  • b97acd9: [TwigBundle] showed correct fallback exception template in debug mode
  • 7fe33e3: [TwigBundle] do not pass a template reference to Twig

2.5 changelog:

  • 39246de: [Console] clean handling of :: passed to find()
  • eb3dd0f: [Framework] set the proper validator class according to the configured api version

Master changelog:

  • da96ad8: [VarDumper] Sfdump JS ns and VarCloner replacing Ext+PhpCloner
  • 56ae544: [Framework+SecurityBundle] removed recently introduced *.class parameters
  • 9531a2b: [HttpFoundation] fixed PdoSessionHandler to work properly with streams
  • 60ce31d: [Routing] moving include instruction to separate method
  • d3a0a55: properly handle exceptions in translator listener
  • ef23b63: prevent an empty choice list being passed in debug:container
  • 41412f9: [Routing] unified fluent interface in RequestContext

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 0e7cec5: fixed resetting debug info in compiler
  • 42cd697: fixed guessing a template info for exceptions
  • 58efc42: improved error reporting in a sandboxed template
  • f76e67f: fixed usage of LimitIterator
  • 8cde52d: fixed multi-byte characters handling in split
  • 2f43bec: optimize access to loop
  • a5fe46f: made date_modify work with DateTimeImmutable
  • d12f7af: made it clear that TwigLoaderString must not be used by end users
  • b5f0742: fixed macros when using an argument named like a PHP super global

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A week of symfony #406 (06->12 October 2014)

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as always great news every week, i have a question: where can i find the "unveiled the first specific details of Symfony 3.0 version"?
Argh sorry, wrong link. :/
@Yasmany, the details were published on Twitter by the people attending the keynote:

"I talked about #Symfony 3 during my #symfony_live today. Same ideas as for #Twig 2.0"

"According to #fabpot keynote at #Symfony_Live seems like #Symfony 3 could be released Nov 2015 ... probably before than #Drupal8 :P"

"Symfony 3.0 coming around November 2015ish. 2.x will probably end with the next LTS release."

"Symfony 3.0 is not about new features. It'll be an evolution not a revolution"

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