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A week of symfony #41 (8->14 October 2007)

During this week, symfony released its 1.0.8 version, Askeet tutorial was slightly updated and community contributed lots of new and updated plugins.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r5456:added OpenDocument mime types (closes #2362)
  • r5470, r5471: fixed admin main.css - absolute to relative paths (closes #1889)
  • Milestone 1.0.8 completed
  • r5493: updated sfCompat10Plugin (deprecated methods from sfAction and sfRequest, moved unit tests for deprecated method to the plugin, moved sfValidatorException to the plugin, updated UPGRADE file)
  • r5494: added sfWebRequest::isMethod() shortcut
  • r5495: removed empty validate directories
  • r5496: removed empty lib directory in Propel CRUD skeleton
  • r5497: fixed a bug in sfSimpleAutoload
  • r5500: fixed path problem in sfPropelBaseTask
  • r5504: renamed sfPropelPlugin task folder from tasks to task
  • r5508: fixed sfSimpleAutoload class + some optimization for tasks
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 93 changesets, 20 defects created, 13 defects closed, 4 enhancements created, 2 enhancement closed, 8 documentation defects created, 12 documentation defects closed and 10 documentation edits.

Book and documentation

Approximate status of book translations: spanish (99%), italian (90%), polish (78%) chinese (26%), russian (26%), french (23%), czech (21%), brazilian portuguese (18%) deutsch (16%), dutch (15%), japanese (-).



  • New plugins
    • sfPropelAlternativeSchemaPlugin: this plugin extends the symfony model generator, based on Propel, to allow a schema to override another one. It also provides a new YAML syntax for defining database schemas, more explicit and more readable.
    • sfPHPUnitPlugin: integrates PHPUnit in symfony applicactions. The main motivation for this plugin was to introduce Selenium testing into symfony, so that you could fully test AJAX'ed sites from the command line.
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: extends the power of the generator and adds the Extjs AJAX library to a symfony project, while remaining compatible to the default symfony-theme. It allows you to use the power of the Extjs library for the admin generated modules by simply defining this theme in your generator.yml file.
    • sfPropelMigrationsLightPlugin: easily change the database structure without losing any data.
    • sfPaymentPayboxPlugin: this plugin is designed to connect to the french Paybox payment gateway in order to process credit cards.
    • sfJqueryPlugin: offers helpers that integrate the Jquery Javascript framework (this plugin is in Alpha state)
    • sfFaqPlugin: allows you to embed a FAQ module within your symfony application with lots of features
    • sfYzAjaxValidationPlugin: provides validation by using AJAX to access Symfony's native validation code and updating it to the client side
  • Updated plugins
    • sfPropel13Plugin: bugfix when generating CRUD/adming (was reading PDO type, instead of Propel type), removed autoload.yml, added license, readme, package.xml, released 0.6.0 version
    • sfMediaLibraryPlugin: fixed wrong path in CSS
    • sfPropelActAsCommentableBehaviorPlugin: fixed bad index name, removed unnecessary schema parameters, added namespaces (behavior + tests + module + validation), fixed link in documentation, update package.xml, released 0.3 version, make module more extensible, added limit option
    • sfLucenePlugin: added custom analyzer and case sensitivity support, made documentation more clear with custom partials, added/fixed encoding support in indexers, released version 0.0.8 (alpha), improved indexing error messages (regarding non-scalar resource types)
    • sfPropelActAsTaggableBehaviorPlugin: removed model generated classes, updated package.xml, added an optionnal array parameter to the "getTags()" method + updated tests
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: added default record listener, fixes for new sfDoctrinePlugin, added code so that propel style accessors are generated, fix so Table classes are generated
    • sfSimpleForumPlugin: fixed empty forums not being displayed in Forum list (closes #2330), fixed package file and released 0.6.4 Beta (closes #2336)
    • sfSuperCachePlugin: fixed problem when 2 urls can lead to a directory and a file, remove cache file if we have to create a dir with the same name, added a new with_host parameter and updated mod_rewrite rules, released 1.0.4 version
    • sfSslRequirementPlugin: redirect does not end execution of the request
    • sfThumbnailPlugin: toString($mime) method now works for both adapters, loadFile() method can now accept a URI if sfWebBrowserPluging is available, implemented "method" option for sfImageMagickAdapter where "method" for now can be "shave_all" or "shave_bottom"
    • sfOPTViewPlugin: fixed detecting view class in sfPartialView, packaged as a plugin
    • Updated documentation of sfMediaLibraryPlugin (clarify the need for advimage js plugin), sfPropelAuditPlugin

Some new symfony powered websites

  • Grupo Beredali: a Mexican distributor of ConocoPhillips lubricants. The complete site is developed in Symfony and uses several plugins
  • Klein Dytham Architecture
  • fooWHO: a new concept of social networking designed to provide users with statistical information on items suggested by other users who like the same stuff they do.
  • Poêle à granulés MARCUS: (french) website dedicated to MARCUS stove

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