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A week of symfony #42 (15->21 October 2007)

Very intense week for symfony: second anniversary of the framework, new validation system and frenetic plugin activity.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r5560: added the ability to sort results in sfFinder (closes #1609)
  • r5575: lime: rewrote code coverage
  • r5577: added some directories to the coverage script
  • r5580: lime: fixed coverage bug using ob_start(), minor optimizations
  • r5581: added the new validation system
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 95 changesets, 31 defects created, 9 defects closed, 6 enhancements created, 2 enhancements closed, 5 documentation defects created, 1 documentation defect closed and 14 documentation edits.

Book and documentation

Approximate status of book translations: spanish (99%), italian (90%), polish (78%) chinese (26%), russian (26%), french (23%), brazilian portuguese (18%) deutsch (15%), dutch (15%), japanese (-).


  • New Job Postings:
    • Senior / Lead Developer - full-time based in Los Angeles, USA - Social Network Startup - Contact: resumes [at] ibyinc [dot] com
    • Symfony Developer - position is remote, 10-15 hours a week - Collectors' Quest - Contact: mmateev [at] collectorsquest [dot] com
    • Symfony Developer - telecomute Ok, but would prefer you were near New York City, NY, USA - Contact: technojob [at] freelancersunion [dot] org
    • Symfony Developer - full-time based in Munich, Germany - LifeJack AG - Contact: jobs [at] lifejack [dot] de
    • Symfony Developer - work from home via svn repository - large Web service application - Contact: daniel [-at-] winter {:dot:} org
  • New developers for hire:
    • Roberto Carvajal (roberto [dot] carvajal [at] gmail [dot] com): pro PHP developer with 7 years of experience in web based systems and services, I'm currently using symfony for all web projects since version 0.6. Fond of AJAX and valid XHTML/CSS. Located in Chile
    • Romain Dorgueil: freelance web-developer using symfony professionaly in high availibility websites since december 2005 (symfony 0.4). Interested in linux server administration and "clean" web development. Located in France.


  • New plugins
  • Updated plugins
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: added query to filter possiblities, cleaned up JSON-output, improved readability a little, added some more comment about group_field, fixed serious bug, added ComboBoxes to editable list.
    • sfDimensionsPlugin: updated sfLoader to match current 1.0 branch, updated package, released 1.0.8 version
    • sfPropelAlternativeSchemaPlugin: added a new foreignClass column attribute, fixed a problem with model class names beginning with a lowercase character, added a way to define behaviors from within the schema, added new/old YAML syntax conversion, improved behaviors implementation (now with less clutter in config/ folder), fixed a bug with tableNames, added support for behaviors in the old syntax, and released 1.0 stable
    • sfSimpleForumPlugin: switched schema configuration method to sfPropelAlternativeSchemaPlugin (now a prerequisite), added a supplementary customization layer to the model classes, switched back to classical schema (sfPropelAlternativeSchema is no more a dependence), added two modules for backend administration
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: fix for model generating and added documentation, added ability to override getters/setters with getFieldName() setFieldName(), added rawSet() and rawGet() methods, updating helper to reflect changes in doctrine, updated tasks to use Doctrine_Facade where we can, fixes to tasks to utilize Doctrine core functionality, added logging, fixed build-all and build-all-load, added confirmation before dropping each database, fixes to model generation to support indexes and attributes, fixes to model generation to support new features in Doctrine, added migration pake tasks, removed usage of Facade since it was removed and moved to Doctrine, fix to migrations and added 2 new tasks for generating migrations from existing models or an existing database, ported tasks from 1.1 for migration generations
    • sfJqueryPlugin: fixed dataType parameter handling in jq_remote_function(), released 0.0.8 version
    • sfSimpleBlogPlugin: fixed "after 30 days, the right to comment mysteriousely disapears", fixed "it sounds some version of PHP does not handle 'if (array())'", added changelog, easier installation, faster configuration, larger customization
    • sfGuardDoctrinePlugin: more updates to try to update the schema file, new type, fixed relations for all many-to-many pivot tables, updating the Doctrine query syntax from sfDoctrine to Doctrine_Query::create(), added the functionality to be able to add and remove users from a group from within the group
    • sfDoctrineSimpleCMSPlugin: updating for sf1.1
    • sfJobQueuePlugin: fixes CLI tasks (closes #2392)
    • sfPropel13Plugin: fixed some issues in finding the column type in the admin generator, removed another bad column type reference. should clear up issues in crud/gen, fixed setFlash() issue
    • sfAmazonECSPlugin: reworked plugin to utilize the changes to sfWSDLPlugin
    • sfCommissionJunctionPlugin: updates to work with the sfWSDLPlugin
    • sfWSDLPlugin: reworked interface to not have hardcoded functions for wsdl files
    • Updated documentation of sfTaconitePlugin, sfPropelTestPlugin, sfDoctrinePlugin, sfHamlViewPlugin

Some new symfony powered websites

They talked about us

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Thanks Javier !!!
Another link for the "They talked about us" section... there's a five-part series of articles on IBM developerWorks that describes symfony, Zend and CakePHP in detail. Looks promising....
Will we be able to "taste" 1.1 validation enhancments? what are the major differences and is there a feature list or documentation?

Thank you symfony - all together now!
Thanks Javier ! :>

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