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A week of symfony #439 (25-31 May 2015)

This week, the long-awaited Symfony 2.7.0 LTS version was released. In addition to including more than 100 new features and enhancements, it also provides early support for the PSR-7 recommendation about HTTP message interfaces.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • b6e0a92: [HttpKernel] check whether bundle's extension implements ExtensionInterface
  • 64e9584: [HttpKernel] (CVE-2015-4050) do not call the FragmentListener if _controller is already defined
  • 41adf22: [DependencyInjection] avoid unnecessary calls to strtolower()
  • a3ee1c5: [TwigBundle] reverted refresh twig paths when resources change because of its performance impact

2.6 changelog:

  • 504548e: [DebugBundle] fixed config XSD
  • 415c79e: avoid using the app global variable in the profiler templates to make them usable outside the fullstack framework (for instance in Silex)

2.7 changelog:

  • 266d53e: [Serializer] AbstractNormalizer::instantiateObject allow default values when not optional
  • d546080: [Serializer] AbstractNormalizer::instantiateObject avoid null rejection
  • e374274: added notes about deprecated warnings in 2.7

2.8 changelog:

  • 0573f28: [Serializer] added support for array denormalization

Newest issues and pull requests

They talked about us

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Please note that PSR-7 is not a feature of 2.7, but a complete new bridge in Symfony. It can even be used when the project is still based on the 2.3 LTS.

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