A week of symfony #45 (5->11 november 2007)

Symfony 1.1 still keeps some surprises before its launch, like form widgets and revamped form validation mechanism. Meanwhile, symfony developers are more and more desired with job offers blooming all around the world.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r5868: fixed sfPropel initialization
  • r5882: (validators) fixed API docs, added addOption() and addMessage() methods to register options and messages
  • r5883: added getNodes() and getNode() methods to the sfDomCssSelector class
  • r5902: removed unused variable
  • r5937: added widget classes
  • r5949: fixed sfValidatorSchema when the input array does not contain values for all fields (needed to be able to validate checkboxes for example)
  • r5950: added date as an array as a supported format for date/time widgets
  • r5952: added missing public for some render methods
  • r5954: fixed overriding rows and cols HTML attributes for sfWidgetFormTextarea
  • r5955: added sfView::isAttributeHolderEscaped() method
  • r5963: added sfWidgetFormSelectRadio
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 109 changesets, 19 defects created, 2 defects closed, 7 enhancements created, 1 enhancement closed, 9 documentation defects created and 20 documentation edits.

Book and documentation

Approximate status of book translations: spanish (99%), italian (91%), polish (78%) chinese (26%), russian (26%), french (25%), brazilian portuguese (18%) deutsch (16%), dutch (15%), japanese (-).


  • New Job Postings:
    • Symfony Web Developer - full-time based in Cluj Napoca, Romania - Anatoli Software - Contact: jobs [at] anatoli [dot] ro
    • Symfony Developers - full-time based in Paris, France - 20minutes.fr - Contact: recrutement [at] 20minutes [dot] fr
    • PHP 5 developer with Symfony skills - full-time based in Roma, Italy - Altura Labs - Contact: job-dev [at] alturalabs [dot] com
    • Symfony Developer - contract based in London, UK - Escape Studios Ltd - Contact: jobs [at] escapestudios [dot] com
    • Senior PHP / Symfony Developers - multiple positions in India & Australia - ComoGroup Asia Pacific - Contact: zuhair [at] comogroupap [dot] com
    • Symfony Developer - full-time based in Tunis, Tunisia - TriTUX - Contact: rh [at] tritux [dot] com
  • New developers for hire:
    • Soft-Science: over 4 years of experience in object-oriented PHP developement and supervising many different symfony applications
    • Siddhatech: PHP development company based in Pune India. Most of our web aplications / portals are developed using the symfony framework.
    • TriTUX: web development company based in Tunisia and specialized in developing robust and reliable web aplications using symfony


  • New plugins
    • sfSecurityManagerPlugin: provides some new tasks to the symfony command line tool to manage the security strategy (security-list, security-is-secure, security-add-credential, security-del-credential)
    • sfN1IterationPlugin: easy edition of N-1 related tables
    • sfLlooggPlugin: easily adds tracking code for LLOOGG to your presentation layer. LLOOGG is a service that lets you check who is visiting your site in real time
    • sfIp2Country: helps getting the country name and the country ISO code from the visitor IP address
    • sfEmailTemplatePlugin: provides email templates management functionality
    • Renamed sfExtPlugin to sfExtJSPlugin
  • Updated plugins
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: suboptimal solution to optimse number of queries using doSelectJoinAll, fixed small bug in renderLink, fixed lists without foreign relations, added possibility to set a doSelectJoin to one foreign table, removed dependancy on other modules for drop-down combo-boxes to work, small overall improvements, updated documentation, resolved conflicts, updated Extjs to 2.0rc1, added a adjustable-delimitor to distinguish table-names and column-names, fix for rendering links
    • sfSimpleBlogPlugin: fixed bug with output escaping and tags
    • sfEbayPlugin: removed test.php and added comments to all classes, renamed some variables, removed some old unused code
    • sfISBNPlugin: initial entry of Ebay code, fix to include affiliate tracking information
    • sfPropel13Plugin: added option to disable instance pooling in databases.yml
    • sfSitemap2Plugin: released 0.0.2 version
    • sfHamlViewPlugin: fixed a problem with a regex not working
    • sfExtJSPlugin: changed SVN layout, rewrote README, added CHANGELOG and LICENSE, updated ExtJS to 1.1.1, tagged 1.0.0, added support for expanders, fixed a bug in actions where you had to clear your cookies everytime you refreshed the page
    • sfExtjs2Plugin: renamed helper, class, and sfConfig options to standardize with Extjs2. Modified config.php to use the included Extjs sources
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: several bugfixes, added code which automatically adds the package parameter to plugin schemas, added showing trace when cli throws exception and fixed rebuild-db task, updated externals
    • sfJobQueuePlugin: fixed typo
    • sfPropelActAsRatableBehaviorPlugin: added ability to specify base star width in options array in rating helper
    • sfPropelAuditPlugin: changed SVN layout, rewrote README, fixed coding standards, replaced eregi with preg_match(), added CHANGELOG
    • sfSimpleForumPlugin: released 0.6.5 version (added two modules for backend administration, removed schema configuration file, added a supplementary customization layer to the model classes)
    • sfDbBasedSecurityPlugin: updated documentation
    • sfDoctrineHelpPlugin: updates for latest sfDoctrinePlugin and Doctrine, added package parameter to schema
    • sfDoctrineSettingsPlugin: updates for latest sfDoctrinePlugin, added package parameter
    • sfDoctrineFriendsPlugin: updates for latest sfDoctrinePlugin, added package parameter
    • sfDoctrineAmazonS3Plugin: initial entry and updates for sfDoctrinePlugin, formatting and added package parameter to schema
    • sfDoctrineCommentsPlugin: updates for latest sfDoctrinePlugin, updated schema to have package parameter
    • sfDomPDFPlugin: updated documentation
    • sfJqueryPlugin: released 0.0.8 version (Fixed data parameter handling in jq_remote_function() method)
    • sfLucenePlugin: consolidated highlighting, added support for custom types of indexer factories, released 0.1.0 version

Some new symfony powered websites

They talked about us


Thanks again Javier !

Yes symfony 1.1 sounds promising :)
> Yes symfony 1.1 sounds promising :)

Yeah, form widgets/validation indeed look promising, let's see when it all gets stable enough.
pretty nice listing a "cool symfony powered" website which allows to download "pirated" movies under a very questionable licensing system ...

thats definately a reference symfony doesn't want to have ...

@squeeker: You're right, I've removed the website from the Wiki and this post.

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