A week of symfony #458 (5-11 October 2015)

This week, Symfony started the stabilization phase of the upcoming 2.8/3.0 versions release: AbstractVoter was simplified, Console added support for column styles, SecureRandom class was deprecated in favor of the PHP7 random_bytes() function and lots of tests were simplified thanks to the @requires annotation.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 58bf830: [PropertyAccess] fixed PropertyAccessor modifying array in object when array key does not exist
  • 70f2b3e: [Console] show global commands first in command list
  • d3b8176: [Security] InMemoryUserProvider now concerns whether user's password is changed when refreshing
  • 7bc836c, f37ceef, 1ed07a0: [FrameworkBundle] added compatibility with Security component split
  • e8f0e5a: [Security] added Remember Me cookie configuration
  • af420c1: [ClassLoader] avoid duplicated path with addPrefix
  • a83d525: [Filesystem] fixed mirroring a symlink copies absolute file path
  • e0910d9: [Validator] fixed URL validator failure with empty string
  • d040be7: [Yaml] allowed tabs before comments at the end of a line
  • 96a4071: [Console] added additional ways to detect OS400 platform
  • b1bd093: [Process] workaround buggy PHP warning
  • 4061d37: [tests] Use @requires annotation when possible

2.8 changelog:

  • 9bbab98: [DomCrawler] deprecated using /_root/ in XPath expressions
  • 3567548: [Security] simplified AbstractVoter
  • 21e50d5: [Console] added support for column styles in tables
  • a1c7af1: [DependencyInjection] warn when a definition relies on a deprecated class in ContainerBuilder::createService()
  • 141f9eb, bd275a1: [Security] deprecated the SecureRandom class
  • a6cb1c0: [FrameworkBundle] replaced PhpFileCache by FilesystemCache

Master changelog:

  • 88e2d70: [HttpFoundation] changed precedence of parameters in Request::get
  • 40cf393: [Process] included working directory in ProcessFailedException
  • 4e0c6e1: replaced is_callable checks with type hints

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