A week of symfony #48 (26 november->2 december 2007)

Calm week for symfony: moderate development activity, several new plugins and websites and a new open source application developed with symfony called Motilee

Development highlights

  • r6173:deprecated sfAction::getRequestMethods() and sfAction::getDefaultView() methods
  • r6174: added form support for Propel objects
  • r6176: removed sfView::isAttributeHolderEscaped() and added isEscaped() method to view attribute holder classes
  • r6196, r6197: replaced sfException exceptions to SPL exceptions
  • r6202: removed the loading of the Form helper when compat_10 is false
  • r6203, r6211: fixed typo in the submit_tag() of the UrlHelper?.php (closes #2493)
  • Milestone 1.0.9 completed
  • r6215: fixed typo in sfXCacheCache::clean + getTimeout
  • r6217: added hasOption + the ability to set preferred state in sfPearEnvironment
  • r6218: fixed pear/plugin tests when preferred state is not stable
  • r6219, r6280: fixed bug (fatal) in default module defaultLayout when output escaping is disabled, fixed default layout
  • r6221: added components.class.php to skeleton module
  • r6223: added renderComponent method to sfAction
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 133 changesets, 26 defects created, 16 defects closed, 5 enhancements created, 3 enhancements closed, 2 documentation defects created, 1 documentation defect closed and 9 documentation edits.

Book and documentation


  • New Job Postings:
    • Développeur intégrateur web - travail sur L'île de Nantes - www.artiss.eu - Contact: vroux [at] artiss [dot] eu
    • Symfony Developers - full-time based in Paris / Neuilly sur Seine, France - Actualys - Contact: php [at] actualys [dot] com
  • New developers for hire:
    • Siftware: we work with designers or developers that have a need to outsource PHP or interface development (XHTML, CSS and Javascript). Symfony is used in all new-build projects.
    • Darren Beale (mail [at] bealers [dot] com): is a UK freelance PHP developer that has been developing websites professionally since 1998. PHP5 & Symfony, XHTML, CSS and Javascript are a speciality.
    • Studio rvb: is a web development company that focuses on user-centric design. Symfony is our framework of predilection.
    • Alessandro Bisi (alessandro.bisi [at] gmail [dot] com): 6+ years experience in web-applications development with HTML and LAMP. I'm using symfony as main development framework since 0.6 version.
  • New symfony blogger:


  • New plugins
  • Updated plugins
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: clean up and refractored getColumnsGroup to getColumnsGrouped, some fixes for drop-down combo-boxes, major upgrade of getColumnsGrouped() method, groupedColumns are now being used at some locations, implemented method getForeignKeyToTable, added new function getSubGroupedColumns which returns a subset of the groupedColumns hierarchy, based on the given relatedTable, fixed field-order and displaying fields multiple times
    • sfKsnNewsPlugin: fixed partial _body.php
    • sfCommandLinePlugin: released 0.1.1 version (missing SF_ROOT_DIR constant) and 0.1.2 version (fixed validation file), updated documentation
    • sfPokaYokePlugin: added Fabians latest chnages to the file
    • sfUtilitiesPlugin: added page task for running batch scripts with better control over SF_* constants, added new class sfArrayCache, added new class sfAdvancedLogger
    • sfPropelPollsPlugin: added sfPropelMigration plugin
    • sfXSLTViewPlugin: released 0.1.1 version, updated documentation
    • sfLucenePlugin: fixed wrong html options in publicControls component, changing SVN folder structure so please update your checkout paths accordingly!, moved Zend_Search_Lucene to externals definition, super-rough support for symfony 1.1 trunk, released 0.1.2 beta version, fixed rebuild task, fixed indexing actions
    • sfAmazonS3Plugin: rebuild model
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: updating doctrine externals
    • sfMarkdownPlugin: released 0.1.1 version (updated parser version to PHP Markdown 1.1.7)
    • sfSimpleBlogPlugin: released 0.8.5 Beta version
    • sfWebBrowserPlugin: added a test to check exceptions thrown by getResponseXML
    • sfYUIPlugin: reorganized sfYUIPlugin with branches/1.0, tags, and trunk (1.1+)
    • sfFacebookPlatformPlugin: updated the Facebook PHP libraries
    • Updated documentation of sfReCaptchaPlugin, sfPropelManualOrderPlugin, sfDoctrinePlugin1.1, sfPageControllerPlugin, sfCommandLinePlugin

Some new symfony powered websites

Some new symfony powered applications

They talked about us


Muchas gracias Javier !!
Concernant le comparatif de performances des ORM PHP.
- Êtes-vous d'accord avec ses conclusions sur la faiblesse de Doctrine ?
- Que répondez-vous à son interrogation sur le choix de Doctrine pour Symfony ?
- Et d'abord, est-ce vrai que Symfony s'oriente vers une préférence de Doctrine ?

Ca fait longtemps que je ne me suis plus mis à jour sur les développements de Symfony, je reviens, je suis intéressé par la future 1.1 et puis j'apprends ça ... si c'est vrai : bof bof.

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