A week of symfony #481 (14-20 March 2016)

This week, Symfony 2.3.39 maintenance version was released. Meanwhile, Symfony added some new interesting features, such as a checkdnsrr() mock to create faster and more reliable tests, support for sending raw cookies in the response, a Redis adapter for the Cache component and the option to register private console commands.

Symfony development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 0f35599: [HttpKernel] set s-maxage only if all responses are cacheable
  • afd31da: [SecurityBundle] added method doumentation for SecurityFactoryInterface
  • 18615fc: [Form] fixed NumberToLocalizedStringTransformer::reverseTransform with big integers
  • 4fece28: [Translation] added support for fuzzy tags in PoFileLoader
  • 092a42b: [Validator] test DNS Email constraints using checkdnsrr() mock
  • a5d9414: [DomCrawler] used XML_ELEMENT_NODE in nodeType check
  • 11bb865: [PropertyAccess] throw an UnexpectedTypeException when the type do not match
  • d1b8414: [Intl] fixed invalid numeric literal on PHP 7
  • 06146f3: [FrameworkBundle] added tests for the Controller class
  • d220830: [Validator] fixed EmailValidator cannot extract hostname if email contains multiple @ symbols

2.7 changelog:

  • 8cd9138: [Process] getIncrementalOutput should work without calling getOutput

2.8 changelog:

  • 67fba7d: [FrameworkBundle] replaced kernel.debug with member variable
  • 254b4e9: [Console] used the clock mock for progress indicator tests
  • 0c01903: [PropertyInfo] support Doctrine custom mapping type in DoctrineExtractor

Master changelog:

  • 98ba4b7: [HttpFoundation] added support for sending raw cookies in the response
  • a8591fb: [FrameworkBundle] deprecated absolute template paths
  • b629710: [DomCrawler] exposed getter for baseHref
  • f0b46d4: [Console] allowed to register commands privately
  • ded8491: [Cache] added Redis adapter
  • f29d46f: [Cache] restricted flushes to namespace scopes
  • 009b544: [Ldap] added forward compatibility layer

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