A week of symfony #49 (3->9 december 2007)

Symfony continues polishing its components before the long-awaited launch of 1.1 version. During this week, 45 defects and 37 enhancements have been closed and the cache framework has been refactored.

New milestone for symfony: more than 300 websites around the world publicly declare that they use symfony.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r6326: added option support to sfForm
  • r6327: refactored date widgets (removed the separator option, added a format option, added can_be_empty and empty_values options)
  • r6334: added country and language validators and widgets
  • r6336: added default date and time format for BC in propel.ini + added an upgrade task for existing projects
  • r6337: reverted changes for default time and date format
  • r6340: refactored the date time widget + fixed unit tests + added unit tests for empty_values and can_be_empty
  • r6341: added i18n date and time widgets
  • r6358, r6360, r6361: fixed sfProcessCache eaccelerator delete also cached scripts not only cached data (closes #1964)
  • r6365: refactored cache framework
    • renamed some options to underscore convention (automaticCleaningFactor -> automatic_cleaning_factor, cacheDir -> cache_dir)
    • prefix is now a global option for all cache classes (defaults to SF_APP_DIR)
    • upgraded all functional tests
    • fixed upgrade task for autoloading
  • r6370, 6371: fixed connecting to a database using unix socket (closes #2539)
  • r6373: added upgrade script for factories.yml
  • r6375, r6376: changed implementation of sfCultureInfo::simplify
  • r6397: added 2 options for sfFileLogger (closes #2145)
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 110 changesets, 14 defects created, 45 defects closed, 2 enhancements created, 37 enhancements closed, 3 documentation defects created, 7 documentation defects closed and 6 documentation edits.

Book and documentation


  • New Job Postings:
    • Symfony Developer at hbs-research.com - full-time based in Suresnes, France - Contact: rh [at] hbs-research [dot] com
    • Web Developer 3 at Berklee College Of Music - full-time based in Boston, USA - More info
    • Web Services Project Officer at Edge Hill University - full-time based in Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK - More info
    • Symfony/CMS Developer at supergloo - remote (telecommute) 20 hours/week - Contact: partner [at] supergloo [dot] com
    • Symfony Developer at Imatic - full-time based in Prague, Czech Republic - Contact: stepan.koci [at] imatic [dot] cz
  • New developers for hire:
    • massimple.es: we are a small software development and web analysis studio placed in Alicante (Spain). We offer companies consultancy, web development, applications and training.
  • New symfony blogger:


  • New plugins
  • Updated plugins
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: comboBoxes start working again, fixed filtering/autocompletion in drop-down comboboxes, improved edit pages, upgrade to ExtJS2.0-final, list and edit-pages start to work again with drop-down combo-boxes
    • sfLucenePlugin: added lucene:clean task to remove old indexes, removed depency on sfMixer and replaced with events, consolidated sfContext dependency to sfLucene class, upgraded README, fixed sfLucene conflict with external Zend Framework bundle, added storage containers to aid unit testing, refactored category support and added new unit tests, reordered methods to improve code readability
    • sfSenseiPlugin: initial entry of symfony-1.0 integration of sensei project
    • sfPokaYokePlugin: check for array type on the validator config
    • sfAmazonS3Plugin: rebuilt propel model with behaviors=true
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: updated doctrine externals url, updated Doctrine externals in trunk and in 0.1 branch
    • sfPropelActAsRatableBehaviorPlugin: added star-width option to sf_rater helper to allow custom stars-based rating styles
    • sfOpenOfficePlugin: small updates
    • sfYUIPlugin: updated 1.0 branch to Yahoo! UI 2.4.0
    • sfGuardDoctrinePlugin: correct labels
    • sfPJSPlugin: bugfix
    • sfMediaLibraryPlugin: fixed JS breaking with Adblock/Filterset.G
    • sfGuardPlugin: added HTTP status code 401 when coming from a XMLHTTPRequest, [BREAKS BC] renamed app_sfGuardPlugin_routes_register to app_sf_guard_plugin_routes_register, updated documentation
    • sfPropelActAsNestedSetBehaviorPlugin: allow override of configuration directive, updated README
    • sfPropelActAsCommentableBehaviorPlugin: load I18N and Date helpers
    • csOopCssPlugin: some debugging and added _compressSelectors method on csOopCss object to find exact matches in styles and combine for more streamlined output
    • sfPHPUnitPlugin: restructured directories to split between sf1.0 and sf1.1, update phpunit svn:externals to the correct path

Some new symfony powered websites

  • massimple.es: (spanish/english/chinese) web 2.0 applications, usability and profesional web design in Alicante, Spain
  • Michael's Fantasic Advent Calendar: don't get too excited, it's not that fantastic!
  • West Lancashire Scout County: scouting in Lancashire, UK
  • Escape Studios: film post production and 3D computer animation training facility
  • Ebhys: (french, english) environmental/recycling technologies
  • Digital Base: (dutch and english) our core business consists of developing large web applications
  • Timory: (dutch) Bistro/Restaurant in heart of Leuven, Belgium
  • Cryptonet: (dutch) webdesign & IT Consulting Company
  • European Plastics Converters: EuPC is the EU-level Trade Association, based in Brussels, representing European Plastics Converters
  • EuPC Services: european service provider for the plastics industry and is rooted in the international organization "European Plastics Converters"
  • YachtNLife: yachting social network
  • Vendéglátóhely.hu, Hungariantourism.com: (hungarian, english) website about travelling in Hungary with a catalogue of accommodations, restaurants and settlements

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Muchas gracias :)
eagerly waiting for the 1.1 .
when it will be available?
Is there an estimated date for the release of v1.1?

Is there a complete v1.1 example application documented anywhere? This really is crucial, in my opinion -- but then I am new to Symfony and waiting for this release before getting my hands dirty.

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