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A week of symfony #495 (20-26 June 2016)

This week, Symfony's development and merging activity was so intense that, for the first time in more than three years, the official repository achieved less than 100 pending pull requests. Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 3.2 version continued adding lots of new features, such as a new DateInterval form type, support for using PHP constants in Yaml files, a way to define compiler passes priorities and a brand new Workflow component.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • a0cdcb0: [HttpKernel] don't close the reponse stream in debug
  • ec19a52: [Process] fixed pipes cleaning on Windows
  • bbb75fa: [Form] added exception to FormRenderer about non-unique block names
  • f28eb9a: [Form] consider a violation even if the form is not submitted
  • eaca0bb: [DomCrawler] no more exception on field name with strange format
  • 80057b0: [DoctrineBridge] don't use object IDs in DoctrineChoiceLoader when passing a value closure
  • dadf570: [Console] fixed SymfonyQuestionHelper multi-choice with defaults
  • e8901b1: [Form] fixed post_max_size_message translation
  • 448a390: [Console] distinguish between first and subsequent progress bar displays
  • fad545a: [Console] removed unneeded private methods

2.8 changelog:

  • 8ec92f7: [Security] improved a Guard comment with a working example

3.0 changelog:

3.1 changelog:

  • fc3cb0b: [FrameworkBundle] allow to disable the templating feature

Master changelog:

  • 88cf87e, 92d80c9: [Console] added tests for the SymfonyStyle::ask() output
  • 693a832: [Console] added ConsoleLogger::hasErrored()
  • 81f4f63: [DependencyInjection] sorted the CompilerPass by priority
  • 24e08e9: [Twig Bridge] allow to optionally pass a dumper into DumpExtension
  • 1298ce5: [Form] added a DateInterval form type
  • e949d34: [HttpFoundation] added private by default when setting Cache-Control to no-cache
  • 6ede0b0: [FrameworkBundle] moved YamlLintCommand to the Yaml component
  • 43f9514: [Console] added a Lockable trait
  • 9af416d: [VarDumper] added support for XmlReader objects
  • d36097b: [Workflow] introducing the new Workflow component
  • a80b45d: [Routing] support for array values in route defaults
  • b84aded: [HttpFoundation] added support for the SameSite attribute in cookies
  • 6e03a42: [Yaml] added support for parsing PHP constants

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • c561e89: improved the filesystem cache load

SwiftMailer development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 565a99f: replaced dirname(__FILE__) by __DIR__

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Can't wait for the docs of the Workflow component!
Nice to see this new component after almost two years of work and discussion!
Oh SwiftMailer is alive :)

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