A week of symfony #53 (31 december 2007 -> 6 january 2008)

New Year brings to symfony the same old frenetic development activity of the framework and its plugins. Symfony 1.1 continues polishing the new form mechanism and the CRUD generator has been refactored. Symfony reached this week another awesome milestone: its code quality is now assured by more than 7000 tests.

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Development highlights

  • r6857: [1.1] fixed calling tasks in a script with options
  • r6859: [1.1] fixed cache:clear unit tests
  • r6867: [1.1] added phpdoc + fixed coding standards
  • r6870: [1.1] fixed environmental issues in tests
  • r6873: [1.1] fixed foreign key bug when a column is not required
  • r6875: [1.1] fixed special cases for sfValidatorDate
  • r6882: [1.1] refactored crud generator to use the new form framework
    • merged propel:generate-crud propel:init-crud to a single propel:generate-crud task
    • added new options to the task: --generate-in-cache, --non-atomic-actions, --non-verbose-templates, --with-show
    • propel:generate-crud is fully functional tested (we have now 7000 tests, yeah...)
    • fixed command line tests
  • r6933: [1.1] added configure:database task
  • r6937: [1.1] renamed sfValidatorAll to sfValidatorAnd and sfValidatorAny to sfValidatorOr
  • r6938, r6939, r6940, r6941: [1.1] refactored prove.php
  • r6942: [1.1] replaced _pre_validator and _post_validator by setPreValidator() and setPostValidator() methods (update your forms accordingly)
  • r6944: [1.1] added sfForm::setValidators() and sfForm::setWidgets()
  • r6945: [1.1] added code tests for all validators
  • r6946: [1.1] fixed date and time widget fill-in with invalid input values
  • r6954: [1.1] allow schema validator to throw named validation errors (sfValidatorCompare has a new throw_global_error option (false by default), added some unit tests to sfValidatorSchemaForEach, errors from pre and post validators are merged into the current errors)
  • r6963: [1.1] fixed form error merging with complex post validators
  • r6965: [1.1] fixed propel generated forms when a table has several foreign/m2m keys to the same foreign table
  • r6968: [1.1] added an arguments option to sfValidatorCallback
  • r6973: [1.1] added short syntax for m2m relationships in fixtures (the old syntax is still supported, new syntax example)
  • r6975: [1.1] changed behavior to be sure to have a 404 exception in debug mode and 404 page in production mode
  • r6978: [1.1] added a configure:author task
  • Updated dwhittle branch: fixed test for various environments (darwin, bsd, linux), removed open_basedir support for greater compatability (issues with cross platform env), refactored default locale to change with user culture, changed magic_quotes_gpc to magic_quotes_runtime, tweaked skeleton app + plugin
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 136 changesets, 10 defects created, 12 defects closed, 7 enhancements created, 1 enhancement closed, 1 documentation defect created, 1 documentation defect closed and 29 documentation edits.

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  • New Job Postings:
    • Symfony Developer @ Streamsys - based in Brussels, Belgium - Contact: info [at] streamsys [dot] com
    • Symfony Developer @ Game Asset Trading - telecommute or work out of your office in Vancouver, Canada - Contact: jobs [at] gameassettrading [dot] com
  • New developers for hire:
    • WaleUp: is a Manhattan based web development and interactive design firm specializing in complex Information Systems based on Symfony framework
    • Yelloweb: is a Midlands (UK) based company with wide experience using the wonderful symfony php framework.
    • Forma-Pro: web Development Company based in Ukraine that have been working in outsourcing for 7 years already.
  • New symfony blogger:


Some new symfony powered websites

  • ShowOffDemo.com: on-line showcase and networking community for everyone around the globe to demonstrate and show-off your talents, passions, hobbies and pastimes
  • NuestroPoder.com: social networking site, aiming to assist Latino/Hispanic community grow stronger
  • SODIPRI: (french) products catalog (powered by ISICS.fr "home made" Symfony based CMS)
  • bkdjombang.com: local government site in Jombang, East Java, Indonesia
  • ajaxian.ir

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A week of symfony #53 (31 december 2007 -> 6 january 2008) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-53-31-december-2007-6-january-2008

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Thanks Javier :)
sfSpyPlugin looks very promising...
Why are so many developers renaming their plugins thereby not using the sfXxxx convention?
Ben Haines, you can find more information about plugins renaming at: http://groups.google.com/group/symfony-devs/browse_thread/thread/6737adc308d3c89f
Please, could someone make a screencast of sfSpyPlugin?

@Ben: see 2nd link "Moving towards 1.1 - Migrating Plugins" http://groups.google.com/group/symfony-devs/browse_thread/thread/6737adc308d3c89f
Hej, that should read like
"Javier Eguiluz said about 23:59 hours later"
"cpr said 1 day 1 minute later"!!1! ;)
cpr: http://redotheweb.com/2008/01/03/live-user-testing-with-sfspyplugin/ shows a screencast of the plugin

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