A week of symfony #539 (24-30 April 2017)

This week Symfony continued fixing and polishing the new features introduced for Symfony 3.3, like the use of autoconfigure or defaults for ChildDefinition ,improving the way command services are registered and allowing to pass CSV encoder options in context. In addition, a Symfony Flex screencast was published to showcase how easy can API applications be developed with Flex.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 93b7530: [Serializer] fixed negative int and large numbers handling in XmlEncoder
  • 81f48b8: [Console] fixed dispatching throwables from ConsoleEvents::COMMAND
  • fc1fe8d: [Asset] preventing the base path or absolute URL from being prefixed incorrectly
  • c669b88: [Asset] starting slash should indicate no basePath wanted

2.8 changelog:

  • 76dd7b0: [WebProfilerBundle] improved the profiler design to avoid flickering
  • e9e4c79: [EventDispatcher] fixed unwrapping listeners to get their priorities
  • 04e48bd: [VarDumper] added missing iconv dependency
  • 07fc060: [Serializer] allowed Upper Case property names in ObjectNormalizer

3.2 changelog:

  • 2145f56: [Console] fixed bar width with multilines ProgressBar's format

Master changelog:

  • 3d4b212: [Security] fixed json_login default success/failure handling
  • 3471b58: [DependencyInjection] fixed inlining conflict by restricting IteratorArgument to Reference[]
  • 11ac234: [DotEnv] don't override existing $_SERVER vars
  • b9ee33f: [DependencyInjection] allowed service subscribers to leverage autowiring to know where their locator should be injected
  • d696b39: [Cache] keep only hit/miss (not values) in TraceableAdapter/Cache
  • 8974b52: [FrameworkBundle] removed deprecated session listener from class compilation
  • 143b5ff: [TwigBundle] fixes twig bundle project root dir discovery
  • ceabf11: [DependencyInjection] fixed problem where _defaults set to null was seen as a service
  • 8806628: [Console, HttpKernel] avoid reflection-based registration for command public services
  • 89979ca: [DependencyInjection] not allowing autoconfigure, instanceofConditionals or defaults for ChildDefinition
  • 288d55f: [Process] ecaping of CLI arguments containing slashes on Windows
  • 460fcbf: [Security] handled bad request format in json auth listener
  • 1cef186: [Serializer] allowed to pass csv encoder options in context
  • 8872833: [DependencyInjection] throw useful exception on bad XML argument tags

Newest issues and pull requests

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Hey there, there is a misplaced comma in "ChildDefinition ,improving the way command". Thanks for the update anyways :)

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