A week of symfony #54 (7->13 january 2008)

Calm week for symfony framework with little core development activity. In contrast, plugins show intense activity and symfony related job postings continue growing.

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Development highlights

  • r6987, r6988: [1.0, 1.1] fixed caching bug in production (closes #2764)
  • r6990: [1.1] forced form tainted values and tainted files to be arrays
  • r6991: [1.1] fixed schema validator when you have a field named 0 (because in PHP 0 == 'a string' returns true)
  • r7010: [1.1] fixed configure:database task when databases.yml is empty
  • r7011: [1.1] improved sfCallable exception message
  • Updated dwhittle branch: tweaked exceptions, tweaked factories to use apc cache by default + set security.yml values (default/all), tweaked / commented factories.yml
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 53 changesets, 18 defects created, 4 defects closed, 2 enhancements created, 1 enhancement closed, 4 documentation defects created, 2 documentation defects closed and 24 documentation edits.

Book and documentation


  • New Job Postings:
    • Web developer @ WorldWeb Interactive - full-time job based in Kolding, Denmark - Contact: job [at] wwi [dot] dk
    • Symfony Developer @ Abansys & Hostytec S.L. - full-time based in Valencia, Spain - Contact: rrhh [at] tusprofesionales [dot] es
    • Symfony developer @ a Silicon Valley VC-funded startup - work will be done remotely on a contract basis - Contact: tliadsiobb [at] farifluset.mailexpire.com
    • PHP Developer @ The NetCircle - full-time based in Shanghai, China - Contact: claude [at] thenetcircle [dot] com
    • Senior PHP engineers @ Ibuildings - full-time based in Amsterdam, Vlissingen and Sittard - Contact: saskia [at] ibuildings [dot] nl
  • New developers for hire:
    • John Grimsey (john [at] johngrimsey.co.uk): London (UK) based PHP developer, 6+ years experience. Four Symfony projects deployed to date.
    • MoCo, Inc.: a full service marketing company dedicated to agile web development and the open source movement, based in Minneapolis, MN.
    • Ibuildings: The PHP Professionals: The Netherlands and UK-based company. We provide web application development, consultancy and education. Official partner of Zend.
    • Stefan Koopmanschap (stefan [at] ibuildings.nl): developing in symfony since 2005, developing in PHP since 1997. Experienced Zend certified developer who is also available as consultant or for projects.
  • New symfony blogger:


  • New plugins
    • sfForms11Plugin: provides a symfony forms 1.1 wrapper plugin for using it in symfony 1.0. As Symfony 1.1 forms/widget/validators are 100% independant from the framework, it's not a problem to use it in a symfony 1.0 project, or even in a non symfony project.
    • sfPropelSqlDiffPlugin: generates diff.sql file, which contains difference beetween schema.yml and current database structure
  • Updated plugins
    • ddAccessibleFormPlugin: now uses SF_JQUERY_WEB_DIR if it's set versus it's own jquery, updated the documentation
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: implemented JS to prevent onBlur events, disabled event messages, improved naming for JS-variables, fixed some bugs, comboboxes now automatically resolve unloaded values
    • dkAntispamPlugin: refactored spam strings regexp-ification to config handler, to avoid overhead
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: updated to use 0.9 branch of Doctrine, changed to allow a user to send a dql statement as an option to the object_admin_xxx helper
    • sfMDB2RestPlugin: added a method to the client to get the server URL that it is currently using
    • sfJobQueuePlugin: added logger in sfJobHandler
    • sfPropelActAsRatableBehaviorPlugin: french i18n XLIFF file bundled, added a commented app.yml-sample file, added a new config parameter cookie_prefix, fixed bug with custom star width configurations
    • sfAuthorizeNetPlugin: updated the class to allow the use of api login id and api transaction key, adding a setter and getter for custom attributes so you can add anything you want to the transaction
    • sfPropelActAsCommentableBehaviorPlugin: added messages in french, cache author name (performance improvement)
    • sfPropelActAsPolymorphicBehaviorPlugin: added pake task, propel-load-pm-data for loading data from fixtures in a way that respects polymorphic keys
    • sfGeocoderPlugin: fixed the way Google Maps handles Cities (at least for the US), handle country only searches much better
    • sfLucenePlugin: added ability to lock the Propel behavior
    • sfJqueryPlugin: loading jquery.js before all javascript files
    • sfGuardDoctrinePlugin: added a security file for each module which would be used in the backend for editing, added a fixture file to assign all the permissions
    • nahoWikiPlugin: several small fixes
    • Updated documentation of sfExtjs2Plugin, sfAdvancedAdminGeneratorPlugin

Some new symfony powered websites

  • ALL-TLD GmbH: (german) webhosting & DomainNameServices company located in Mannheim (BW)
  • www.hma-info.de: (german) site of a reenactment group portraing medieval life in the 13th century

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Thanks Javier :)
Thanks Javier

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