A week of symfony #549 (3-9 July 2017)

This week, Symfony published the 2.7.31, 2.8.24, 3.2.11 and 3.3.4 maintenance versions. Meanwhile, we fixed some edge cases in the Dotenv component, reduced the size of the profiler files and improved the error message shown when the debug toolbar cannot be displayed.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 44c3f58: [Validator] throw exception on Comparison constraints null options
  • cd8d4e6: [Console] fixed description of INF default values
  • c1e8183: [PropertyAccess] fixed TypeError discard
  • 64ea580: [WebProfilerBundle] show a better error design when the toolbar cannot be displayed
  • 77d06b5: do not validate empty values
  • 71a69b4: [Serializer] improved CircularReference detection message
  • 6298e69: [FrameworkBundle] do not remove files from assets dir
  • 311e627: [Filesystem] don't copy perms when origin is remote
  • 4e2a404: [Twig Bridge] fixed absolute url generation for query strings and hash URLs
  • 3c9958c: require the XML PHP extension

3.2 changelog:

  • 07c38df: [Cache] fixed cleanup of expired items for PdoAdapter
  • 5d797b2: [TwigBundle] gracefully handle missing hinclude renderer
  • d01e2d1: [FrameworkBundle] don't get() private services from debug:router
  • 227b81d: [Cache] handle APCu failures gracefully
  • 15938b4: [DependencyInjection, Security] prevent unwanted deprecation notices when using Expression Languages

3.3 changelog:

  • 4a66db4: [Validator] remove property path suggestion for using the Expression validator
  • 1b0e920: [Security] fixed Firewall ExceptionListener priority
  • bfd4173: [Dotenv] parse escaped quotes in unquoted env var values
  • 3169e12: [Dotenv] parse concatenated variable values
  • 966662d: [FrameworkBundle] call setContainer() for autowired controllers
  • bef2142: [DoctrineBridge] fixed resetting entity managers with case sensitive id
  • 3e84f7d: [VarDumper] reduced size of serialized Data objects
  • 626e987: [TwigBundle] enhanced the new exception page design
  • 71c6f99: [HttpFoundation] fixed HttpOnly flag when using Cookie::fromString()
  • c3ec5c5: [DotEnv] fixed variable substitution

3.4 changelog:

  • 9bcb852: [WebServer] allow * to bind all interfaces
  • b23ddfe: [Stopwatch] added a reset() method
  • d6271d7: [VarDumper] added date caster
  • ccfc4da: [Validator] added support for parsing PHP constants in YAML loader
  • 73d3d40: [Yaml] deprecated the !str tag
  • f7bca74: [Serializer] added support for has methods in the normalizer/denormalizer
  • 3981f9b: [FrameworkBundle] moved HttpKernel pass
  • bfaf8a0: [FrameworkBundle] moved translation compiler pass
  • 0d06bbc: [BrowserKit] emulate back/forward browser navigation
  • 82036a3: [Stopwatch] added support for microseconds
  • 7796331: [Validator] added min/max amount of pixels to Image constraint
  • 4f187ce: [HttpFoundation] find the original request protocol version
  • 7ac2570: [Debug] deprecated support for stacked errors

Master changelog:

  • b12f215, 511ebed: continued removing HHVM support
  • 10da788: [Serializer] removed DateTimeNormalizer PHP < 7 BC layer
  • a1c77e7: [FrameworkBundle] wire inner translator
  • 7f52292: [Process] removed enhanced Windows compatibility
  • 6e33739: [Validator] removed support of boolean value for the checkDNS option
  • b9d93c8: [Ldap] removed the RenameEntryInterface interface

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