A week of symfony #55 (14->20 january 2008)

The revolutionary form mechanism of Symfony 1.1 continues taking shape with new features, bug fixes and other tweaks. Creating a state-of-the-art form mechanism, incorporating some of the best practices from other frameworks and libraries and assuring its quality and flexibility takes some time but the wait will be definitely worthy.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r7043: [1.1] removed unneeded variable instantiation
  • r7044: [1.1] fixed sfValidatorErrorSchema::addErrors() when an error has an integer name
  • r7045: [1.1] fixed sfFormField::render*() methods for widgets with parents
  • r7046: [1.1] implemented all proxy methods in sfWidgetFormSchemaDecorator
  • r7047: [1.1] splitted sfFormField in sfFormField and sfFormFieldSchema
  • r7049: [1.1] added unit test for sfWidgetFormSchemaDecorator::clone()
  • r7051: [1.1] fixed cloning sfWidgetFormSchema, sfValidatorSchema and sfForm objects
  • r7052: [1.1] fixed sfValidatorSchema::clone() for pre and post validators
  • r7053: refactored form/validators/widgets embedding
    • sfWidgetFormSchema clones embedded widgets
    • sfValidatorSchema clones embedded validators
    • sfForm::embedForm() and sfForm::embedForEach() name format argument has been removed
    • remove the constructor first argument (name format) for sfWidgetFormSchemaForEach
    • sfWidgetFormSchema name format is forced when a widget schema is embedded in another (added setParent() and getParent(), an exception is thrown if the name format does not contains %s, the widget name generation is now recursive)
  • r7055: [1.1] fixed many to many relationship in Propel generated forms
  • r7071: [1.0] changed the check_lock setting's erroneous description (closes #2259)
  • r7081: [1.1] fixed sfValidatorDate for empty arrays
  • r7105: [1.1] refactored sfBasicSecurityFilter to allow more flexibility when extending the class
  • r7106: [1.1] commented some rewriting rules in the default .htaccess (to allow . in routing rules)
  • r7107: [1.1] added full unit tests to sfEscapedViewParameterHolder and sfViewParameterHolder
  • r7109: [1.1] added more unit tests to sfOutputEscaper
  • Updated dwhittle branch: fixed factories (having single file logger causes issues), merged propel 1.3 changes, tweaked bootstrap exception handling for catching early errors, tweaked web debug, tweaked exception handling, added sf_cache_partial route to routing.yml, tweaked core compile, tweaked view config handler to accept module/template for layout
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 84 changesets, 17 defects created, 4 defects closed, 7 enhancements created, 5 documentation defects created, 1 documentation defect closed and 22 documentation edits.

Book and documentation


  • New Job Postings:
    • Symfony Developer @ YiGG GmbH (largest German language social news service comparable to digg.com) - full-time based in Munich, Germany - Contact: jobs [at] yigg [dot] de
    • Symfony Developer (4 contract opportunities) @ Nexio Technologies - full-time based in Montreal, Canada - Contact: ddube [at] nexio [dot] com
    • Symfony Developer @ umdiewelt.de (one of the most visited German backpacker communities) - internship based in Würzburg, Germany - Contact: martin.gaedeke [at] umdiewelt [dot] de
    • Symfony Developer/Flash Action Script - 3M's Post-it note designer website - Contact: ashley.dawson [at] niddocks [dot] co.uk
    • Talented PHP engineers @ ZeroBubble (evaluating the possibility of switching to Symfony) - full-time based in Rotterdam, Netherlands - Contact: joost [at] zerobubble [dot] nl
  • New developers for hire:
    • Sameer Arora: I have been developing symfony based projects for more than a year now. I have over 3 years of experience working as a Web Developer. My skill sets are PHP, Mysql, HTML, Data Modelling etc. I Would be interested in freelancing projects. Based in Melbourne, Australia.


  • New plugins
  • Updated plugins
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: improved editor, fixed problem with clicking on links in grid which need to be loaded in new tab, added ExtJs/Javascript functionality, added possibility to set eventHandler to open links from grids, improved loading edit-pages into different panels
    • nahoWikiPlugin: first attempt for i18n support, some optimizations with the Propel I18n queries, added basic permission management, namespaces, breadcrumbs, slots and support for interwiki, released 0.1 and 0.1.1 versions
    • cvUrlMoverPlugin: redirect throws a cvUrlMoverRedirectException now, added sfConfiguration-based pitfall to README,
    • sfI18nExtractPlugin: released 1.0.5 version (fixed two bug reports)
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: updating for 1.1 compat, and editing svn external to point to doctrine 0.9
    • sfLucenePlugin: moving version to sfLucene class constant, rearranged different variables (sfLucene::$parameters now *just* contains parameters, and not objects), reduced disk writes in categories, fixing unicode modifiers in highlighters, fixed undefined index notice for categories, sfLuceneCriteria->addField() converts scalars to strings
    • sfPropelActAsPolymorphicBehaviorPlugin: minor bugfix to propel-load-pm-data task
    • sfHamlViewPlugin: added "case" and "switch" to the cases where our Haml parser has to be careful
    • sfMarkdownPlugin: added additional details in README file to explain the usage of SVN folder skeleton
    • sfCssTabsPlugin: created folders for symfony 1.0 and 1.1, added I18N support, released 0.1.7 version

Some new symfony powered websites

  • Pecha Kucha Night: (english/japanese) a place for designers to show their work in public with 20 slides of 20 seconds each
  • www.jobterra.com: (russian) online application for search for work and the selection of the personnel
  • El Buen Gusto - Verduras Express: (spanish) an e-commerce site that allows clients to request orders of vegetables, fresh fruit, and related products
  • Real Buddy: (english) a science fiction independent cinema production from MINEWORKS film
  • www.sameerarora.net: (english) online portfolio of Sameer Arora portraying the symfony skills and web development skills
  • motorradfrage.net: (german) motorradfrage is yet another Q&A plattform about all kind of questions concerning motorcycles
  • www.rezazadeh.de: (german, english) machines trader
  • www.itsconcept.de: (german) local estate agent
  • www.i18n-project.org: (multilanguage) experimental translation portal for php software. Import/export pot,po and mo files
  • Sanus Systems: Sanus Systems manufactures a broad variety of sleek, quality AV interior furnishings, wall mounts and accessories. Multilanguage, e-commerce site
  • Webdigs.com: the place to Find, Buy or Sell your home!
  • Sellmoretivo.com: Tivo's easy-to-learn training website
  • CaneDiCoda: (italian) unusual online homemade t-shirt shop

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