A week of symfony #56 (21->27 January 2008)

Symfony 1.0.11 was released this week, closing 21 tickets and completing another milestone for 1.0.X branch. Meanwhile, symfony 1.1 added a way to mark template value as being safe for output and introduced sfFormExtraPlugin, a new plugin for packaging useful validators, widgets, and forms which will not be included in the main symfony package because they are too specific or have external dependencies.

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Development highlights

  • r7120: [1.1] added a way to mark template value as being safe for output
    • new decorator class sfOutputEscaperSafe to mark a value as being safe for output
    • added sfOutputEscaper::markClassesAsSafe() and sfOutputEscaper::markClassAsSafe() to mark classes as safe for ouptut
    • added sfForm class (and all its children) as being safe by default
    • updated CRUD templates to just echo the form
    • added a third argument to sfComponent::setVar() to add a safe value
  • r7123: [1.1] removed unneeded data/model directory in skeleton
  • r7124: [1.1] fixed setDefaults() when CSRFProtection is enabled
  • r7127: [1.1] removed generate:batch and generate:plugin tasks (generate:batch is obsolete - better to create tasks, generate:plugin does not make sense)
  • r7131: [trunk] merged 1.1 branch changes
  • r7140: [1.1] fixed database configuration loaded twice
  • Milestone 1.0.11 completed
  • r7147: [1.1] fixed performance issue with foreign keys in Propel generated forms, added 2 validators (sfValidatorPropelChoice, sfValidatorPropelChoiceMany), added 2 widgets (sfWidgetFormPropelSelect, sfWidgetFormPropelSelectMany)
  • r7151: [1.1] allowing for a PK of 0 in the admin/CRUD generator
  • r7152: [1.1] fixed form global errors management
    • added a sfWidgetFormSchema::getGlobalErrors() method
    • added a sfForm::renderGlobalErrors() method
    • fixed sfFormField::renderError() to include all global errors
    • fixed CRUD editSuccess.php template
  • r7153: [1.1] fixed default validator for primary keys in Propel generated forms
  • r7180, r7181: [1.1] fixing exception message not escaped
  • r7182: [1.1] converted exit() code from Phing to an exception
  • r7183: [1.1] removed map/om/sql/forms files from fixtures
  • Updated dwhittle branch: removed module layout in view.yml, added options for charset/queries/pdo options for sfPropelDatabase (1.3) + updated test + changed default databases.yml, merged propel 1.3 changes, fixed i18n handling for propel 1.3, tweaked writeCacheFile to use file locking (fixes potential race condition), enabled default options for checking symfony version/cache lock, tweaked tests
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 83 changesets, 24 defects created, 6 defects closed, 8 enhancements created, 1 enhancement closed, 5 documentation defects created, 1 documentation defect closed.


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Will sfFormExtraPlugin help with i18n on admin? Is 1.1 expected to support i18n out of the box for propel-init-admin?
Hope there will be great documentation for symfony 1.1 as well as changes 1.0 to 1.1 well explained.

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