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A week of symfony #581 (12-18 February 2018)

This week Symfony added support for reproducible builds. In addition, it finished the feature to make Symfony's router the fastest PHP router and it also improved the dependency injection container performance.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 0b08f37: [Process] check PHP_BINDIR before $PATH in PhpExecutableFinder
  • 5a70b15, ce13854: [Security, Validator] added translations for Tagalog
  • aa3a04a: [Routing] throw 405 instead of 404 when redirect is not possible
  • 2bccaaa: [Serializer] optimizations and cleanups
  • b271683: [DependencyInjection] added null check for removeChild
  • 9d3d237: [Console] avoid emitting warning in hasParameterOption()
  • 233774c: [HttpFoundation] added x-zip-compressed to MimeTypeExtensionGuesser

3.4 changelog:

  • 267bf4c: [TwigBundle, WebProfilerBundle] fixed JS collision
  • b4cdb19: [PhpUnitBridge] added support for PHPUnit 7 in Coverage Listener
  • 0f4704d: [PHPUnitBridge] avoid running the remove command without any packages
  • 6b51add: don't mock the container builder in tests
  • b375957: [TwigBridge] applied some changes to support Bootstrap4 stable
  • 7bcccef: [Yaml] fixed a Yaml parser regression with comments and non-strings

Master changelog:

  • d418395: [Workflow] drop nofooter option in PlantUmlDumper
  • 5bc2753: [DoctrineBridge] added support for datetime immutable types in Doctrine type guesser
  • a9f2a09: [DependencyInjection] moved "include_once" out of closure factories
  • 06ab73b: [Intl] added polyfill for Locale::canonicalize()
  • a2f7982: [WebProfilerBundle] imply forward request by a new X-Previous-Debug-Token header
  • 4ef0b3e: [Routing] match 77.7x faster by compiling routes in one regexp
  • 4d6c481: [DependencyInjection] top micro benchmarks
  • d7658d2: [Routing] handle very large set of dynamic routes
  • e684973: [Validator] added support for protocolless URL validation
  • b0facfe: [Translation] added support for name on the unit node

Newest issues and pull requests

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All these updates... Symfony is so much the best framework I ever encountered :D

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