A week of symfony #587 (26 March - 1 April 2018)

This week, Symfony 4.1 entered into its "feature freeze" period, so we finished some of its pending features: improved the Ajax panel in the debug toolbar, made exception pages more compact, avoid the double cache generation when running cache:clear command and lots of other minor changes. In addition, the French Symfony community celebrated the SymfonyLive Paris 2018 conference with great success. Lastly, we added Samuel Rozé as a new member of the Symfony Core Team.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 3faa1d5: [Debug] supported phpdbg SAPI in Debug::enable()
  • ae80466: [Intl] updated ICU data to 61.1
  • 4243db5: [TwigBridge] fixed rendering of currency by MoneyType
  • 98ee8ab: [HttpKernel] do not flush in DumpDataCollector when a dumper is provided

3.4 changelog:

  • 02e59d4: [DependencyInjection] fixed hardcoded cache dir for warmups
  • 99df7cb: [DependencyInjection] do not suggest writing an implementation when multiple exist
  • 10ba44c: [Cache] import InvalidArgumentException in PdoAdapter

Master changelog:

  • 5acc51f: [Messenger] removed the default transport if no serializer service
  • c2a67aa: [DependencyInjection] validate env vars in config
  • 209b32f: [Form] add Bootstrap 4 style for field FileType
  • 05b9f64: [TwigBundle] more compact display of vendor code in exception pages
  • 6806f66: [Messenger] use the messenger.message_handler tag instead of message.handler
  • d329a7a: [WebProfilerBundle] updated the Messenger profiler panel
  • 9dd89e0: [Form] added a data_help method
  • be1b55b: [VarDumper] provide binary to allow starting a server easily
  • a949484: [WebProfilerBundle] improved the Ajax profiler panel when there are exceptions
  • 7b20b8c: [FrameworkBundle] keep query in redirect
  • 5b27c2f: [Messenger] clone messages to show in profiler
  • 5b6ff93: [WebProfilerBundle] show the duration of AJAX requests in real time
  • ea6d861: [Messenger] add a middleware that wraps all handlers in one Doctrine transaction
  • 3424cc7: [DependencyInjection] allow binary values in parameters
  • 2e47edc: [DependencyInjection] allow json env var processor to accept null value
  • 44a6f60: [FrameworkBundle] framework.php_errors.log now accept a log level
  • 820b728: [DependencyInjection] add runtime service exceptions to improve the error message when controller arguments cannot be injected
  • e3f964f: [FrameworkBundle] removed double cache generation by detecting fresh kernels on cache:clear
  • ecb629a: [Messenger] compile-time errors fixes and tweaks
  • f62a6d7: [HttpKernel] allow to easily ask Symfony not to set a response to private automatically
  • f568271: [Translation] improved the lint:xliff command
  • 9b25573: [Translation] make sure to trim source in XLIFF2 if it is too long for name
  • 6bfc082: [Console] use a UTF-8 bullet for listing
  • 40fbaa2: [Console] add box-double table style

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A week of symfony #587 (26 March - 1 April 2018) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-587-26-march-1-april-2018

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