A Week of Symfony #612 (17-23 September 2018)

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This week Symfony introduced SymfonyCasts, the best place to learn about Symfony, PHP and JavaScript. Meanwhile, the Validator component was decoupled from the Translator, and the lint commands were improved to support multiples files and directories. Lastly, the SymfonyLive London 2018 conference will take place next week.

Symfony development highlights

2.8 changelog:

  • 8d90df7: [Form] fixed DateTimeType html5 input format
  • a9004b3: [HttpFoundation] don't override StreamedResponse::setNotModified()
  • c75b1ed: [LDAP] used shut up operator on connection errors at ldap_start_tls
  • 4da7ab1: [PhpUnitBridge] provide debug_backtrace with proper args
  • 5a10f2d: [Form] forwarded false label option to nested types
  • 5d30df7: [HttpFoundation] allowed reuse of Session between requests if ID did not change
  • 2c8c6f7: [Console] fixed boxed table style with colspan

3.4 changelog:

  • c4c2981: [DependencyInjection] detect circular references with ChildDefinition parent
  • e0e5e83: [DependencyInjection] fixed infinite loop involving self-references in decorated services
  • 31e96f7: [MonologBridge] re-add option option to ignore empty context and extra data

Master changelog:

  • 48038fd: [Cache, Contracts] save the item or the trait does not have any effect
  • 1f98703: [Form, TwigBridge] fixed not displaying labels when value is false
  • 680f319: [PhpUnitBridge] enabled DebugClassLoader by default
  • cb13594: [FrameworkBundle] ignore backslashes in service ids when using debug:container and debug:autowiring
  • a1ca55b: [Validator] allow Validator without the translator component
  • bf4d011: [Validator] check the BIC country with symfony/intl
  • 4d6fc63: [Translation] added support for multiple files or directories in XliffLintCommand
  • a55853d: [Yaml] added support for multiple files or directories in LintCommand
  • 6856c02: [VarDumper] allow dd() to be called without arguments
  • 0d9154e: [Lock] added ZooKeeper data store
  • c51592c: [Debug] trigger a deprecation for new parameters not defined in sub classes
  • 85d335a: [VarDumper] added caster for MessageFormatter
  • 57a3413: [Form] fixed fail reverse transforming invalid RFC 3339 dates

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