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Meet our new official family member: SymfonyCasts!

We've been teasing it for the past 2 weeks and we loved your guesses! A lot of you somehow knew which long-time friend we were talking about.

As of today, we are extremely excited and honored to welcome SymfonyCasts to the Symfony family. And, you probably already know them as KnpUniversity. Its team, videos, and (sometimes) bad jokes are now SymfonyCasts!

What does that mean for the Symfony community? We hope a lot of good things!

What Does this All Mean?

It's no secret that video tutorials can be a huge way to make technology accessible to more people. And that's super important for the Symfony community. For that reason - just like other technologies - it makes sense for Symfony to have an official video platform: something we can promote across the community so that newcomers know about it & can use it. SymfonyCasts is a subscription service. But, keep reading: SymfonyCasts does something for free that almost no other video service does.

Oh, and SymfonyCasts wasn't acquired: it's still the same team making the same content that many of you already love. But, SymfonyCasts can now work more closely with Symfony: making sure their tutorials move in sync with the code and, most importantly, creating more Symfony tutorials!

The Symfony Docs & SymfonyCasts

What about the official written docs? Those are still the most important part of Symfony's documentation and that won't change. SymfonyCasts enhances the overall documentation by adding over 90 hours of video content. That's great!

But, it's even more than that. Don't prefer watching videos? Or, can't afford access to SymfonyCasts right now? No problem. One of SymfonyCasts' goals has always been to make its content accessible to everyone. To do that, the written script is available - for free - below every video, alongside expandable code blocks so that you can see the exact code being built.

If you're watching the video, English captions are also available. for the latest tutorials. Even more fun, you can click anywhere on the script to go straight to that part of the video. The videos are meant to be as accessible as possible.

SymfonyCasts Helps Support Symfony

Another reason we're excited is that, as part of the official family, SymfonyCasts now directly helps support the funding & development of Symfony. This is an important detail that helps to make sure the Symfony ecosystem can sustain itself far into the future.

But wait, there's more! SymfonyCasts will sponsor Ryan Weaver to work on the official Symfony documentation each Friday for (at least) the rest of 2018. He's got big plans for this time. Yep, SymfonyCasts is already helping to push the written documentation forward! Thank you Ryan and your team!

We are very pleased to add SymfonyCasts to the top nav of Symfony's website! We were missing official video tutorials about Symfony. But not anymore.

From Symfony with ❤

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.

Meet our new official family member: SymfonyCasts!

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Great news for the Symfony project and its community! Welcome Ryan, Leanna and the rest of the SymfonyCasts team as official members of the Symfony family.
I'm sure that this will greatly benefit all parties involved, especially developers that are just starting with Symfony!
You can follow @symfonycasts on Twitter to get the latest updates!
To be fixed: og image is still a knpuniversity one.
Great news for Symfony, the community and of course Ryan! Gratz!
Now the best PHP(and Symfony and JavaScript and Testing) screencasts will have the Symfony label on them!! Congratulations KnpUniversity team!!!
Great news for Symfony community !! Well done ! Welcome Ryan
According to Ryan, he'll be supporting the Symfony Documentation at least until the end of 2019, not 2018 ( So either he didn't read the contract thoroughly enough or I better shush it and be happy that he does it anyway ;-)
Good to hear! Well done! Does that mean that the documentation for all supported versions will be updated, or only for versions 3+?
@ivs yes, we'll keep updating the docs for all supported Symfony versions, same as before.
Great news !! Welcome Ryan and all the SymfonyCasts Team (y)
Congratulations! Good job
Great news! This was wanted for a long time. Very happy to see this.
Great news! hope you decrease subscription fees
Good job guys, keep up the good work!
The only thing i was missing in Symfony world after switching from Laravel, was some alternative to Laracasts. So this is great news! Good education content is must have for future growth in popularity. Aldo Symfony has the best documentation, video tutorials will be a nice additional learning channel.
Great news!
Great news!
Congratulations KnpUniversity team!!!

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