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A week of symfony #63 (10->16 march 2008)

Symfony 1.1 maintains its strong development activity for another week. More than 130 changesets have been committed, including a new cache:clear task and a new YAML parser/dumper that replaces Spyc. Nearly 50 bugs have been closed and more than 20 plugins have been updated.

Development highlights

  • r7794, r7795: [1.0, 1.1] Fixed "UrlHelper::link_to_unless() generates undefined property "tag" in links"
  • r7802, r7803: [1.0, 1.1] fixed "Cannot unset string offsets" error
  • r7811: [1.1] refactored configuration parsing in config handler classes in a ::getConfiguration() method
  • r7814: [1.1] changed logSection() and log() method to public to be able to use them from the outside
  • r7815: [1.1] rewrote the cache:clear task (moved application and type argument to options, added an env option to be able to remove the cache for only one environment , caches are now cleaned by the cache objects defined in factories.yml, added a task.cache.clear event)
  • r7823: [1.1] added a session_id parameter to the sfSessionTestStorage
  • r7826: [1.1] fixed sfConfigHandler::replacePath() to work with array of paths (like ::replaceConstants())
  • r7827, r7831: [1.0, 1.1] fixed inclusion of generator.yml for every module (closes #1949)
  • r7828: [1.1] moved loading of core_compile to the beginning of the initialization process
  • r7829: [1.1] added some core classes to core_compile.yml
  • r7830: [1.0] added a check to ensure that the config cache is valid
  • r7840: [1.1] updated symfony 1.1 project in tools/performance
  • r7843: [1.1] removed sfContext and sfCache from core_compile
  • r7845: [1.1] fixed sfFormPropel does not respect Propel inheritance (closes #2822)
  • r7846: [1.1] allowed customisation of decorator directory (closes #3056)
  • r7849: [1.1] allowed symlinks for autoloading (closes #2164)
  • r7850: [1.0] fixed default error_reporting values (PHP 5.2 has a new constant) (closes #3098)
  • r7855: [1.1] Updated to Prototype, Scriptaculous 1.8.1 (fixes #2072)
  • r7862: [1.1] fixed xliff formatting
  • r7870: [1.1] added symfony information in the web debug toolbar
  • r7886: [1.1] fixed bugs in sfYamlInline (throw an exception when trying to dump a resource, escape \n in strings when dumping, better support for timestamps, fixed dumping an empty string, fixed dumping keys that contains special characters that need escaping, remove comments at the end of a line, added support for !str, fixed support for floats)
  • r7888, r7889: [1.0, 1.1] removed wordwrap option when dumping YAML as it can cause some problems (closes #3083, #2514)
  • r7892: [1.1] replaced Spyc with a new YAML parser/dumper
    • removed Spyc
    • added sfYamlParser, sfYamlDumper (should be totally BC thanks to the unit tests)
    • the parser and the dumper are much more robust and much more easier to fix
    • exceptions are thrown when a non valid YAML file is parsed (when you forget a : after a key for example, or if the indentation is not right ;))
    • fixed a bunch of bugs of the old parser
    • speed is more or less the same as Spyc
    • added an option to control the dump to switch from the block to the flow notation (propel:build-schema is now much more readable in YAML)
    • added more unit tests
  • r7899: [1.1] replaced ESC_ENTITIES by ESC_SPECIALCHARS as the default escaping strategy + fixed some wrong calls to htmlspecialchars
  • r7900: [1.0] fixed some htmlspecialchars() calls (added the current charset)
  • r7902: [1.1] rename sfValidatorBase to sfValidator in sfCompat10Plugin and renamed the new sfValidator class to sfValidatorBase (closes #3103)
  • r7914: [1.1] fixed an error when no source exist in i18n message source
  • r7923: [1.1] added indentation modifier support to folded blocks + fixed string <-> integer conversion in sfYamlInline
  • Updated dwhittle branch: added getCache() to sfContext, removed shutdown logging in sfPDODatabase and sfPropelDatabase, removed sfContext from core_compile
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 131 changesets, 34 defects created, 46 defects closed, 12 enhancements created, 22 enhancements closed, 9 documentation defects created, 6 documentation defects closed and 28 documentation edits.

Book and documentation


  • New developers for hire:
    • Brainient: software development company based in Bucharest, Romania. We develop medium to large web applications, and have been working with Symfony since 2006.
    • Simpa: bosnian web design & developement agency, based in Sarajevo


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We&#039;re really blessed with all these new plugins.

oooh that new sfDynamicCMSPlugin has got me all excited!

Is there any plan to merge this with the sfSimpleCMS? they seem very similar, shame to repeat it all.

Can&#039;t wait for sfExtjsThemePlugin to be mature, it&#039;s going to be ace.

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