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A Week of Symfony #638 (18-24 March 2019)

This week of Symfony blog post is backed by SensioLabs. As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs supports companies using Symfony, with an offering encompassing consultancy, expertise, services, training, and technical assistance to ensure the success of web application development projects.

This week, we unveiled an upcoming Symfony and API Platform hackathon organized by the European Union. Meanwhile, the SymfonyLive Berlin 2019 conference made a call for papers and the SymfonyLive São Paulo 2019 conference announced its first speakers. Lastly, the popular FontAwesome library added the Symfony icon to their collection.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 66 pull requests were merged (49 in code and 17 in docs) and 26 issues were closed (24 in code and 2 in docs). Excluding merges, 43 authors made 9,774 additions and 2,422 deletions. See details for code and docs.

3.4 changelog:

  • 860884a: [Form] fixed compatibility of assertEquals() in tests
  • 059ba38: [FrameworkBundle] improve exception messages when test.client does not exist
  • 029fb2e: [FrameworkBundle, HttpFoundation] made session service resettable

4.2 changelog:

  • f407a2b: [Form] fixed usage of TranslatorInterface in form extension
  • 3b9dad4: [Form] added ResetInterface to CachingFactoryDecorator
  • 1246c79: [Form] do not validate child constraints if form has no validation groups
  • b296860: [Twig Bridge] fixed case when multiple loaders are providing paths for the same namespace
  • 2d2cd40: debug finalized config in debug:config

Master changelog:

  • ac93c9e: [DependencyInjection] added an URL env var processor
  • 603f5cf: [Workflow] added colors to workflow dumps
  • b15eee9: [Messenger] added support for handling messages after current bus is finished
  • bff9e68: [HttpClient] exceptions carry response
  • 72fa2b3: [FrameworkBundle] deprecated the Templating component integration
  • d5d1b50: [HttpClient] added MockHttpClient
  • 81bf2ab: [Cache] added DSN support for redis in AbstractAdapter and RedisTrait
  • 1479a26: [EventDispatcher] swap arguments of dispatch() to allow registering events by FQCN
  • fc826aa: [Routing] exposed 'utf8' option, default 'locale' and 'format' in configuration
  • 4574f85: [HttpKernel] added RealHttpKernel to handle requests with HttpClientInterface
  • 0b2a9d5: [Finder] ignored paths from .gitignore
  • 98045b1: [Workflow] added support for many inital places
  • 59f20ad: [Workflow] deprecated MultipleStateMarkingStore and SingleStateMarkingStore in favor of MethodMarkingStore
  • 6ff1185: [Messenger] worker events + global retry functionality
  • 521d82a: [Messenger] ensure an exception is thrown when the AMQP connect() does not work
  • e3970f9: [Messenger] dispatching two events when a message is sent & handled
  • e512b7e: [Messenger] fixed a bug where messenger:consume could send message to wrong bus
  • 22bd250: [Security] undeprecate the RoleHierarchyInterface
  • 7d01aae: [HttpClient] added a ScopingHttpClient
  • aa12dd0: [HttpKernel] allowed user to set the project dir
  • eeae257: [FrameworkBundle] updated Client class to KernelBrowser
  • d73a53a: [BrowserKit] added support for HttpClient
  • 359e1c7: [HttpClient] added CachingHttpClient
  • 468bca8: [Messenger] added a BC layer for the ConsumeMessagesCommand arguments

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