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A week of symfony #64 (17->23 march 2008)

Symfony 1.1 polishing continues with dozens of tweaks and fixes during this week. Plugins maintain their great development activity with more than 20 updated plugins. Symfony 1.0 development achieves 1.0.12 milestone.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r7928: [1.1] fixed problem with YAML schema generation from XML with booleans (closes #3124)
  • r7943: [1.1] fixed issues when using non file based i18n source
  • r7945: [1.1] fixing attempt to access $this within static function
  • r7946: [1.1] fixes a bug when using 'file' within config_handler.yml
  • r7949: [1.1] added a EXTR_REFS to extract() in sfPHPView (reduces memory usage, closes #3151)
  • r7953: [1.1] added 1.0 task names as aliases for test tasks
  • r7954: [1.1] add a default value for session_path in sfSessionTestStorage (needed for people upgrading for 1.0)
  • r7959: [1.1] tweaked decorator handling (removed redundant call and moved to config handler)
  • r7962: [1.1] moved *Configuration classes to "better" places
    • moved ProjectConfiguration? from lib/ to config/
    • moved $APP_NAME$Configuration to apps/$APP_NAME$/config/
    • added a ProjectConfiguration::getApplicationConfiguration() to retrieve an application configuration
    • removed sfApplicationConfiguration::getForApplication() method (please use ProjectConfiguration::getApplicationConfiguration)
  • r7965, r7966: [1.0, 1.1] removed comment stripping if you don't have the tokenizer enabled + added a new entry in the web debug toolbar for the tokenizer (closes #3134, #2231)
  • r7970: [1.1] moved internal storage of user parameters to an array + added php doc for all available options
  • r7976, r7977: [1.0, 1.1] fixed view cache doesn't accept zero client lifetime (closes #3141)
  • r7980: [1.1] added user information to the web debug toolbar
  • r7981: [1.1] added basic support for dumping/loading PHP objects in YAML (closes #3137)
  • r7982: [1.1] fixed i18n:extract to take factories.yml configuration into account (closes #3109)
  • r7992, 7993: [1.0, 1.1] fixed controller->getPresentationFor() fails when exception is thrown (closes #2926)
  • r7996: [tools/performance] updated 1.1 project + added sf shortcuts
  • r7997, r7998: [1.0, 1.1] admin generator handles plain fields (closes #2935)
  • r8008: [1.1] fixed issue with file based i18n sources
  • r8014: [1.1] Added upgrade task for deprecated cache removal methods
  • r8020: [trunk] merged 1.1 branch changes
  • Completed 1.0.12 milestone
  • r8038: [1.1] added getOptions to sfI18n
  • r8052, r8053: [1.0, 1.1] fixed sfNumberValidator doesn't like numbers less than 0
  • r8059: [1.1] fixed sfCreoleStorage
  • r8060: [1.1] added check for valid application in clear cache task
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 136 changesets, 44 defects created, 49 defects closed, 10 enhancements created, 9 enhancements closed, 5 documentation defects created, 8 documentation defects closed and 25 documentation edits.

Book and documentation


  • New Job Postings:
    • Symfony Developer @ - full-time based in Rome, Italy - Contact: info [at] innovia [dot] it
  • New developers for hire:
    • Jeff Pelton: I've been working with PHP for over 5 years and Symfony for the last 2. I'm a jack of all trades (design frontend & linux backend) and live in Los Angeles, USA - Contact: jeff [at] jeffpelton [dot] com
    • Digital base: Belgian based web agency. We mainly focus on custom development (symfony & non-symfony projects) mostly based on open source software. We are currently employing a number of highly-trained IT technicians, each with their own set of industry-specific skills.


  • New plugins
  • Updated plugins
    • sfWebBrowserPlugin: added suppot for Timeout with sfCurlAdapter
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: small bug fixes
    • sfTinyMCEConfigPlugin: removed the dot from the settings.yml example
    • sfPropelActAsRatableBehaviorPlugin: created the symfony 1.1 branch
    • sfDoctrineSimpleCMSPlugin: modified types for doctrine 0.9 compatibility
    • sfGuardPlugin: fixed typo in README, fixed support for passwords set to 0, removed the fixtures from the default installation
    • sfPropelImpersonatorPlugin: added flexibility for custom queries
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: turning off identifier quoting until other issues can be fixed, fix required due to autoloader not being present at time of config_handlers.yml being read, fix to clob and blob type to use same creole type as string
    • sfThumbnailPlugin: added sfThumbnail helper, released 1.5.1 version, removed helper
    • dbFusionChartPlugin: updated documentation, released 0.0.2 version
    • sfDynamicCMSPlugin: allow flexible model extension by adding an additional level of class inheritance, add helper to generate link, url & button, check write permission to routing.yml files, add method to check access credentials
    • sfSuperCachePlugin: updated README to include symfony version, added an option to ignore cache lifetime and deal with pure html pages
    • sfPropelActAsTaggableBehaviorPlugin: added toString method in the "tag" model, made plugin compatible with Symfony 1.1, enabled easy tag insertion in fixtures, allow tagging.tag_id to be used as a proper foreign key reference, renamed table names in order to use the sf_ prefix, released version 0.5
    • ckWebServicePlugin: initial repository import, added TODO, added example for build-wsdl task, updated documentation
    • sfPropelActAsNestedSetBehaviorPlugin: added a backward compatible $peer_method parameter to ->deleteDescendants(), updated getDescendant signature, updated contributors list
    • sfGoogleAnalyticsPlugin: released 1.0 RC2 version (removed dependency on helpers for building Javascript block, added template slots to the Javascript block inserted by the filter, added support for PHP's JSON extension, mixed in convenience method to sfUser to easily add custom tracking vars to flash)
    • sfPropelVersionableBehaviorPlugin: fixed error when using addVersion on a new object (primary and foreign keys were not saved), added support for related objects versioning, added a title column to the resource_version table and support for resource title, released 0.3.0 version, each revision now only saves columns that changed to save database space, avoid saving unchanged records to save database space
    • sfExtjs2Plugin: upload of ExtJs 2.0.2, first step in splitting up generic _ajax_stores.php into 3 partials (_list_ajax_store.php, _edit_ajax_store.php, _related_ajax_stores.php)
    • sfSimpleForumPlugin: properly close <th> tags in the forumListSuccess.php template
    • nahoWikiPlugin: fixed README

Some new symfony powered websites

  • Nilter: (german) Nilter - Your News Filter, organize your information sphere according to your needs

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I&#039;ve give up hope with symfony. 1.1 will never be released I guess.
It will be released when it is ready.
@Michael: We will post about the new 1.1 beta today. You can expect the 1.1 to be released soon now.

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