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A Week of Symfony #640 (1-7 April 2019)

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This week, Symfony 3.4.24 and 4.2.5 maintenance versions were released. Meanwhile, the SymfonyLive Tunis 2019 conference announced its full schedule. Lastly, part of the Symfony community gathered for the EU-FOSSA Symfony Hackathon with great success.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 178 pull requests were merged (119 in code and 59 in docs) and 109 issues were closed (95 in code and 14 in docs). Excluding merges, 75 authors made 25,327 additions and 5,493 deletions. See details for code and docs.

3.4 changelog:

  • 0c8e8a5: [Console] fixed inconsistent result for choice questions in non-interactive mode
  • d77ea48: [Console] fixed stty not reset when aborting in QuestionHelper::autocomplete()
  • 967fa36: [Form] PHP doc fixes, code syntax fixes and optimizations
  • 86210b3: [DependencyInjection] fixed a wrong error when using a factory
  • 09a808d: [Translator] fixed wrong dump for PO translation files
  • db93b95: [Form] turned failed file uploads into form errors
  • ed1b95d: [TwigBridge] fixed horizontal spacing of inlined Bootstrap forms
  • 3e0b235: [Translator] warmed up the translations cache in dev

4.2 changelog:

  • 81955df: [Twig Bridge] fixed escaping and filter in DebugCommand
  • 25db9e2: [Routing] fixed annotation loader ignores method's default values
  • 0c8e8a5: [Console] fixed inconsistent result for choice questions in non-interactive mode
  • 0268b1d: [Lock] ensured the parent process is always killed
  • a815308: [Translation] restored previous state for libxml option
  • b46ca51: [Console] fixed table trailing backslash
  • 07a1095: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed dark theme elements color

Master changelog:

  • c8670ee: [Inflector] removed the "internal" marker from the component
  • 643e9f6: [Process] added more detail to the exception when the CWD is invalid
  • 1a5ab6b: [Messenger] base64_encoding inside PhpSerializer to avoid null characters
  • b921076: [Messenger] bug fixes in Doctrine Transport
  • 1fcc994: [FrameworkBundle] changed messenger bus id from 'message_bus' to 'messenger.default_bus'
  • b01fd5f: [Validator] added a compromised password validator
  • 17a3ccf: [FrameworkBundle] added new PHPUnit assertions for the WebTestCase
  • a63496b: [Form] added file links for described classes in debug:form command
  • aa5b6f9: [TwigBridge] added template file link to debug:twig command
  • 50a5dfd: [EventDispatcher] split events across requests
  • 755f411: [HttpClient] renamed "raw_headers" to "response_headers"
  • bce6124: [FrameworkBundle] changed the way http clients are configured by leveraging ScopingHttpClient
  • 539f4ca: [DependencyInjection] added support for "wither" methods
  • 99bf6c2: [RouterDebugCommand] added link to Controllers
  • 78afdd1: [Cache] added logs on early-recomputation and locking
  • 8da7686: [HttpClient] added ScopingHttpClient::forBaseUri() and tweaked MockHttpClient
  • 248aff5: [PropertyInfo] used a single cache item per method
  • 4ad54da: [DependencyInjection] invokable factory services
  • be66c44, f82f1c0: [DomCrawler] optionally use html5-php to parse HTML
  • 9ed2f2b: [HttpKernel, Framework] added support for locale aware services
  • 574097f: [Messenger] added MessageCountAwareInterface to get transport message count
  • 4dfb741: [Messenger] set up the Doctrine transport when consuming
  • 09e8d74: [HttpClient] logger integration
  • ec18af4: [Messenger] added an "in-memory://" transport
  • a7c4767: [Workflow] fixed Guard Listener usage of RoleHierarchyInterface
  • e6eb43b: [Messenger] added a stamp to provide a routing key on message publishing
  • 4e2b655: [PropertyAccess] allow to disable exceptions for getValue() method
  • 5fe3701: [Messenger] ensure message is handled only once per handler
  • f88a79b: [Messenger] use the SerializerStamp when deserializing the envelope
  • de3c742: [HttpKernel] throw an error when the generated class name is invalid
  • ede6660: [Workflow] changed initial_places to initial_marking, added property
  • b045aca: [Validator] wired NotCompromisedPassword in FrameworkBundle and handle non UTF-8 password
  • 4c78e60: [Form] added "input" option to NumberType
  • e5f14b7: [Workflow] added workflow_transition_blockers twig function
  • e2e38de: [Workflow] the TransitionEvent is able to modify the context
  • adba41a: [Serializer] provided new ObjectPropertyListExtractorInterface
  • a68b4c7: [FrameworkBundle] improved Translator caching
  • ce220cd: [Serializer] added datetimezone normalizer
  • c73fd10: [Validator] added new Timezone validation constraint
  • 8a62892: [Mime, BrowserKit] added FormUrlEncoded and fixed content-type in HttpBrowserPost
  • 3de3e4e: [Messenger] used an AmqpStamp to provide flags and attributes
  • e05aaf9: [Translator] added comments when dumping PO files
  • f80df4c: [Validator] added an option to disable NotCompromisedPasswordValidator
  • fad7c8c: [Lock] used env var to create anytype of lock store
  • 65b46a5: [FrameworkBundle] fixed search in debug autowiring

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