A Week of Symfony #669 (21-27 October 2019)

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This week, Symfony continued polishing the upcoming Symfony 4.4 and 5.0 versions. The most important new feature finished this week was the management of encrypted secrets. In addition, Symfony announced the publication of a new book called Symfony 5: The Fast Track.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 66 pull requests were merged (50 in code and 16 in docs) and 35 issues were closed (32 in code and 3 in docs). Excluding merges, 32 authors made 2,144 additions and 538 deletions. See details for code and docs.

3.4 changelog:

  • 5d097d2: [TwigBridge] do not render errors for checkboxes twice
  • 278280a: removed unused local variables
  • c953ba8: [Validator] ensure numeric subpaths do not cause errors on PHP 7.4
  • 2a5c755: [Form] make sure to collect child forms created on *_SET_DATA events
  • fb70e0a: [OptionsResolver] fixed an error message to be more accurate

4.3 changelog:

  • 13e15e2: [Messenger] fixed ignored options in redis transport
  • b9f6944: [Messenger] show exceptions after multiple retries
  • 13853d5: [Messenger] prevented infinite redelivery loops and blocked queues
  • 8bf8c50: [Messenger] used database platform to convert correctly the DateTime
  • 6c08ac5: [HttpClient] ignored the body of responses to HEAD requests
  • 591ad22: [WebProfilerBundle] improved display in Email panel for dark theme

4.4 changelog:

  • 16d5285: [FrameworkBundle] added secrets:* commands and %env(secret:...)% processor to deal with secrets seamlessly
  • b38bde9: [HttpKernel] fixed wrong removal of the just generated container dir
  • 3f759d7: [HttpClient] added a canceled state to the ResponseInterface
  • a721a50: [DependencyInjection] made the %env(base64:...)% processor able to decode base64url
  • c86271e: [EventDispatcher] handled lazy-callable invokable
  • ec8e34f: [VarDumper] improved displaying cut closures
  • 90906c5: [Messenger] removed "sync" transport and replaced it with config trick
  • 591c71b: [Messenger] fixed worker-only Doctrine middleware from running always
  • effae8a: [Mailer] used port 465 for SES SMTP transport
  • 2931227: [Mailer] don't send address names if empty string
  • 4f9d449: [ExpressionLanguage] add support for exponential format for numbers
  • bfd308f: [FrameworkBundle] don't reset the test container but the real one instead
  • 791810a: [Validator] set Length::$allowEmptyString to false when a NotBlank contraint is defined
  • b9f6944: [Messenger] show exceptions after multiple retries
  • c5024bd: [HttpClient] allowed option "buffer" to be a stream resource
  • 4d8a01e: [Messenger] removed infinite (nullable) max retries
  • 8eb17aa: [HttpKernel] avoid nested exceptions if errors occur when generating file links
  • b54997d: [VarDumper] fixed infinite recursion

Master changelog:

  • df1bb4e: [String] fixed the title() method with accents and other symbols as the first character
  • ae65c4d: [TwigBundle] allowed option "twig.exception_controller" to be null on Symfony 5
  • b30814d: [Notifier] defaults to NoNotifier when sending a notification without recipients
  • cf49a26: [Notifier] fixed default value for phone number of admins
  • aaace8a: disable failed message listener by default in notifier
  • f82c3db: [Notifier] set missing defaults

Symfony Local Server

Symfony Local Server, the best way to run Symfony applications on your local machine, released its new 4.8.0, 4.8.1 and 4.8.2 versions with the following changes:

  • Add support for Docker mailcatcher image(s) (open the webmail with symfony local:open:webmail or via the debug toolbar on Symfony)
  • Allow to use the current directory (.) for symfony new
  • Allow to pass a directory to symfony new that already exists but is empty
  • Fix SYMFONY_DEFAULT_ROUTE_* environment variables are not available in workers
  • Define SYMFONY_IS_WORKER when runnning inside a worker container
  • Add support for the --dir flag on the var:export command
  • Fix error on decoding API responses for containers which size is greather than XL
  • Use {all} instead of `{default} in default generated configuration
  • Fix broken project:scale and project:edit commands
  • Fix some error logs can be displayed in the terminal when running commands in background
  • Fix signal forwarding after autoupdate
  • Fix signal forwarding when using PHP wrappers
  • Fix bash installer compatibility with Hombrew's uname and macOS Catalina
  • Don't map STDIN for processes launched in the background with run
  • Give some time to commands launched in the background with run to see if they fail to give user more feedback
  • Remove unused no-wait flag for env:deploy command
  • Add support for `SYMFONY_DOMAIN for local usage
  • Fix local web server redirection from HTTP to HTTPS (query string was missing)
  • Tail server logs even if web server is not running

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