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Symfony 5: The Fast Track, a new Symfony book

UPDATE: check out to learn about all the available formats and translations of the Symfony 5 book.

Symfony 5 will be released in just five weeks. This new version will include hundreds of big and small features and improvements across the entire framework. Symfony 5 will continue the road initiated by the revolutionary Symfony 4 release, with more automation, a smoother learning curve and a better developer experience.

That’s why this feels like the perfect time for a new book about Symfony. Fabien Potencier, the leader of the Symfony project, has announced the publication of a new book called Symfony 5: The Fast Track.

This book will describe the creation of an application from scratch to production. The book style will be fresh and pragmatic and it won’t explain everything in detail, because that’s the purpose of the Symfony Documentation.

Contents will cover everything you can expect in a modern web application: APIs and API Platform, Docker and containerization, Webpack and Encore, Messenger, Mailer, HTTP Client, Workflow, etc.

Contribute to the Book

The book has been introduced as a Kickstarter project, where anybody can contribute to it. We need your help to reach the goal. Please, contribute and help make this book a reality.

If you are an individual, you can pledge from 5 up to 100 euros and you can even include your name in the book. If you are a company, you can pledge to include your logo in the book.

This book will be delivered for free during 2020 and 2021 Symfony/PHP conferences and will also be published for free on, so your company sponsorship can reach thousands of high-skilled developers.

Support this project on Kickstarter.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


The book will certainly be great. I wanted to participate with 40 $ (and yes, i really like the idea for the signed book) ... but wait, a delivery fee of $ 20?
I agree with Daniel, I would really like to have a physical copy of the book but making it €60 (about $67) with delivery is something I'm not comfortable with. I know it's not something you can do but rather a Kickstarter pricing.
@Daniel @Victor if we were talking about "purchasing a book", then I'd agree with you that this is way too expensive. But this is different. This is about contributing some money to help Fabien work on the book and in exchange, receive a signed book copy without any extra cost.

So, it's not about buying a book for 60 euros ... but contributing 60 euros to this project and receiving a "free" book for doing that.
@Javier I'm not talking about "purchasing", I'm talking about contributing . It's worth noting that I'm not from US but rather poorer country (Serbia), so 60 EUR isn't something I'm willing to give out like that. My plan was to contribute 20 EUR just because I appreciate Symfony's contribution to PHP but then I saw that for 20 EUR more I could receive a physical copy of it and thought that it's a good way of saying "Thank you for contributing". In the end it happened to be 40 EUR more instead of 20 EUR. I hope you understand what I mean here. :)
Nevertheless, if getting a shipping price to be lower is not possible, I'll probably end up donating 20 EUR as I originally planned.
@Vicktor OK, I understand the situation better now. It's true that it's tricky. In any case, whatever the outcome, thanks a lot for supporting Symfony and for supporting this project too!
I wanted to buy it but then I saw the shipping costs of 20€ to germany.
Sorry thats way to much
@Javier If you guys have plan of shipping it independently from kickstarter (cheaper shipping), I'll be more than happy to get it from there. :) Also, thank you guys for keeping Symfony running!
I was able to change the delivery fees for Europe to 10 euros.
I can only contribute with the minimum of 5. Thank you guys for being the best PHP community.
@Fabien I'm still seeing 20 EUR as a delivery fee to Serbia ( I believe that it's changed for European Union, not Europe. If it's not possible to lower price for Serbia, I'll end up donating original 20 EUR. :)
As a mere suggestion and expanding on comments above: Parity Purchasing Power should be added for community-backed projects like this.
I just supported this project from MX, however the fees are quite steep for local standards which will result in preventing more backers from both supporting and getting access to the book itself.

Minimum wage is roughly 4.8 euros per DAY.
I paid 60 euros.

And even when we know IT people will usually not make minimum wage, still makes a good case of purchasing power across countries.
Thanks Symfony, I've just contributed.
Italian language please
When will the book be published on
Thanks :)
The kickstarter is close, there is a way to order the book, directly on or from another shop?

Thanks :-)

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