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Hello Symfony 4!

It's here! I am beyond excited to welcome today's release of Symfony 4! This is not just a new major version: it's an entirely reimagined developer experience. You will love working with Symfony 4:

  • Automated package installation with Symfony Flex
  • Auto-registered & autowired services to keep you coding, not configuring
  • Micro: a new Symfony 4 app is 70% smaller than Symfony 3. Symfony is a micro-framework out-of-the-box!
  • Performance: We've optimized and re-optimized every part of Symfony (benchmark #1, benchmark #2, benchmark #3)
  • Conventions: A Symfony 4 app has a smaller directory structure, less "Symfony-ideas" and uses more standard ideas.

And so many more features, including the MakerBundle for code generation and Webpack Encore for professional frontend assets.

Ready to get started! Just run:

$ composer create-project symfony/skeleton my_project

And then follow the Setup Documentation. Have fun!

An Immense Community Effort

I want to thank the many people who contributed to this huge effort, which included 3,000 commits from more than 300 people over just the past year on the Symfony repository. The documentation has also been overhauled with over 25k lines changed in the last six months! Thanks to the passion from the community, Symfony is truly in a Renaissance.

Let's Upgrade!

For existing users, as always, thanks to the Backwards Compatibility Promise and continuous upgrade path (i.e. upgrading a major version is easy), you'll be able to migrate your apps to the new version, safely, and at your own pace. See the UPGRADE log for details on changes.

The biggest change (which is optional) is to move your project to the new Symfony 4 directory structure so that you can take advantage of Symfony Flex. For details, read Upgrading Existing Applications to Flex. We'll continue updating that page to contain the easiest and safest ways to upgrade.

Also many of the community bundles have already been updated and will work on your Symfony 4 application. But, we're still working to add support everywhere.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Congrats everyone. Symfony 4 is a great release, probably the best ever... Very proud of what the community achieved during the last year.
Awesome work.
Well done everyone, your hard work is greatly appreciated and long may it continue!
Great job everyone, happy to be near this project on it's every milestone!
Congrats, thx :)
Congratulations to all core and community members for such lovely tools for us passionate developers ♥ ❤
Compliments! It will be the best symfony always!
Awesome !
Awesome, and amazing benchmarks!
I am a big fan of Symfony, and its conferences (especially the ones with RyanWeaver talk).
Got my first project plannen already! Great job everyone!

Big thank you to everybody who helped make this happen!

Looking forward to upgrading Retromat from 3.3 to 3.4, then 4.0 as soon as possible :-D
GOOD JOB , is there possibility to use middlewares as expressive, relay
Awesome!!! Congratulations to the team and the community! Symfony4 is for sure the BEST SO FAR!!! Cheers!
@khaled middleware pattern can be implemented directly in the EventDispatcher if you need, with the provided Kernel events as entrypoints ;)
Bravo !
Can't wait to play with it on many and many projects 😁
Great job ! :)
Great job! Flex is as faboulous as Symfony :-)
Great job!
Great job ! :)
Really great job, can't wait to use Symfony 4 in production! :)
Congrats! Looking forward to using it!
Nice! Will the standard edition be updated too ? (the one with default bundles included). Otherwise don't you think it might be tough for newcomers to get started?
Congratulations! Great release with amazing features.
Thanks to all contributors!
Great! I love it!
Nice! I'm really looking forward to work with it!
Awesome! Thanks to all.
@Antonin The standard edition will not be updated: Flex is *the* way to go. And Flex is way smaller and easier. But yea, I think we will discover and implement some improvements in the future, to make sure that it's very clear and easy for beginners to find and install the stuff they need :). I was just talking about this yesterday with dunglas.

Have fun everyone! And if you see any bugs in the docs, please let us know! We made HUGE changes there!
Very excited to check it out, good job all ;)
Congrats Team Symfony for such a great release.
Hi. @Ryan Does it mean there is a "standard" official flex receipe planned in order to replace the use of the standard edition ?
Symfony 4 wants to be faster than older versions, what benchmarks will say about it ?

See results and compare Symfony 4 with older versions here :
Love micro framework approach. Congratulations !
Looking forward to starting a new project with Symfony 4 (Flex)..
Great job !
It's really huge milestone in history of symfony.
Thanks for your great work !
Awesome! Congratulations
Great job! Felicitaciones!
thanks to the community of symfony for his great work
Thanks for all the great work! One thing-- Sf4 really needs a standard edition or some example layout instructions. It is going to be impossible for new users to get to Hello World from a database.

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