A Week of Symfony #691 (23-29 March 2020)

This week, Symfony 4.4.6 and 5.0.6 maintenance versions were released. Symfony 5.0.6 was released live during the SymfonyLive Online event, which shed some light on the huge maintenance work required to manage Symfony.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 60 pull requests were merged (31 in code and 29 in docs) and 41 issues were closed (25 in code and 16 in docs). Excluding merges, 38 authors made 1,261 additions and 254 deletions. See details for code and docs.

3.4 changelog:

  • 0e2d5e9: [Debug] fix for PHP 7.3.16+/7.4.4+
  • 5b5b61f: [Form] support customized intl php.ini settings
  • 881fa02: [Security] check if firewall is stateless before checking for session/previous session
  • b4ec8b9: [HttpFoundation] fix clear cookie samesite
  • 438d9e5: [Security] allow to set the samesite cookie flag in Remember Me
  • c9aa3a8: [Validator] assert Valid with many groups
  • b928089: [Console] fix OutputStream for PHP 7.4
  • 0469be9: [Validator] assert Valid with many groups
  • a29ee7c: [Validator] updated French translations
  • 8f2d2c3: [Validator] updated German translations
  • 8abc8dd: [Validator] updated Lithuanian translations
  • c22d07c: [Validator] updated Arabic translations
  • d1eb801: [Validator] updated Hungarian translations
  • a61101c: [Validator] updated Vietnamese translations
  • 29c80e8: [Validator] updated Italian translations

4.4 changelog:

  • cd17611: [Mailer] use %d instead of %s for error code in error messages
  • 3a6f02d: added missing gitattributes for phpunit-bridge
  • b580dd8: [BrowserKit] fixed missing post request parameters in file uploads

Master changelog:

  • 0c22ab8: [Mailer] support more Mailgun headers
  • 0076ed5: [Notifier] add fields on Slack Section block
  • 3afe198: [HttpClient] issue notice when NativeHttpClient is used
  • f18294b: [Uid] work around buggy libuuid
  • 8e47e9f: [Form] allowing plural message on extra data validation failure
  • e0de6cc: [HttpClient] fix TraceableHttpClient::stream() method

Newest issues and pull requests

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