SymfonyWorld Online 2021 Winter Edition December 9 – 10, 2021 100% Online 25 talks and 10 workshops

Announcing SymfonyLive Online

If you are following this blog, you know that we have canceled or postponed several SymfonyLive conferences, mainly SymfonyLive Tunis (canceled), SymfonyLive Paris (postponed), and SymfonyLive Warsaw (postponed).

Hopefully, we will have quite a few conferences in the second semester of 2020, but in the meantime, we wanted to try another format: Live online conferences.

Organizing online conferences is something we did a very long time ago (10 years ago?). It was a huge success, but for reasons I don't remember right now, we stopped doing that.

Gathering people in a venue is a great way to meet the community in real life. It allows for great interactions, great conversations, and meeting people for real is always an awesome experience. Conferences have an issue though: if you don't live near a city where we organize such a conference, you are out of luck (or the budget can be huge between the flight and accommodation).

In the coming months, we will organize several online webinars, conferences, chats, ... We will probably have to try several formats to see which one works best.

The very first session will be held on Friday (March 27th) and will be free for all. Nicolas and me will tell you about the Symfony roadmap and we will release Symfony patch versions live. That will allow you to better understand Symfony processes. We will then review, comment, and hopefully merge some pull requests live. Again, that should give you some insights about our work as maintainers of an Open-Source project. You will also be able to ask questions.

If you want to register, go to the new SymfonyLive Online website. Again, this first session is free.

We need your help. We are working on organizing more online conferences, paid ones. That's critical for Symfony. Canceling or postponing conferences cost money and we need to find some additional revenues to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem.

E-see you on Friday!

Help the Symfony project!

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typo in headline: Annoncing -> Announcing

what are the technical requirements for attending the conference? will a browser (like for or a videoplayer which can stream (like vlc) be enough? i hope you don't use stuff like or the conf tool from cisco where we need to download closed source binaries.
And the subtitle for the deaf persons? Thank you for helping them. I'am counting on you.
@Julian we just fixed the typo. Thanks!

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