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A Week of Symfony #711 (10-16 August 2020)

This week, the upcoming Symfony 5.2 version reworked the signal integration in the Console component, continued improving the new Security system with new events and a NullToken voter and introduced autoconfiguration for DataCollectors.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 57 pull requests were merged (57 in code and 0 in docs) and 37 issues were closed (33 in code and 4 in docs). Excluding merges, 29 authors made 6,393 additions and 944 deletions. See details for code and docs.

3.4 changelog:

  • 1dcb67e: [ClassLoader, Routing] fixed namespace parsing on PHP 8
  • b45e3ed: fixed deprecated libxml_disable_entity_loader
  • 0e9cd90: [Form] fixed mapping errors from unmapped forms
  • a77901d: [Yaml] allowed PHP constant as first key in block
  • 92eae57: [Validator] added target guards for Composite nested constraints
  • 6972bc2: stop using the deprecated at() PHPUnit matcher
  • f0778ce: updated Tagalog translation
  • 804b8dd: updated Italian translation

4.4 changelog:

  • b2e99e2: fixed Redis connect with empty password
  • 0f92b9a: [Console] support table cells with newlines after a cell with colspan >= 2
  • f3753e9: [Validator] added BC layer for notInRangeMessage when min and max are set
  • 7f2726a: [VarDumper] backport handler lock when using VAR_DUMPER_FORMAT

5.1 changelog:

  • 5a6b24b: [FrameworkBundle] removed unused form-resources complex type from XSD file
  • 49e047b: [FrameworkBundle] added missing router config

Master changelog:

  • c5d6c10: [Notifier] added Infobip bridge
  • a6c27fd: [HttpKernel] provided status code in fragment handler exception
  • 7c522e2: [Serializer] added CompiledClassMetadataFactory
  • 8449f70: [FrameworkBundle] do not use deprecated mailer.logger_message_listener service
  • d2b5ee0: [Console] allow multiline responses to console questions
  • fc8a1ac: [Notifier] add doc for free mobile DSN
  • 25095d8: [Workflow] added Context to Workflow Event
  • 31c194f: [Security] added event to inspect authenticated token before it becomes effective
  • acda2dc: [Notifier] added Mobyt bridge
  • fee690a: [FrameworkBundle] allow to leverage autoconfiguration for DataCollectors with template
  • a45428c: [Console] different approach on merging application definition
  • f3962d4: [Workflow] choose which Workflow events should be dispatched
  • ab3b0c9: [VarDumper] added VAR_DUMPER_FORMAT=server format
  • 6805d1d: [Messenger] added Beanstalkd bridge
  • f99f774: added cache.adapter.redis_tag_aware to use RedisCacheAwareAdapter
  • 4703bf8: [Mailer] added a transport that uses php.ini settings for configuration
  • ae677cc: [Messenger] don't require doctrine/persistence when installing symfony/messenger
  • d6ccc4f: [Console] rework the signal integration
  • 1c67261: [Security] added missing NullToken vote
  • 08ec459: [Notifier] use Slack Web API chat.postMessage instead of WebHooks
  • 8b3df37: [VarDumper] support PHPUnit --colors option

Symfony CLI

Symfony CLI is a must-have tool when developing Symfony applications on your local machine. It includes the Symfony Local Server, the best way to run local Symfony applications. This week Symfony CLI released its new 4.18.4 version with the following changes:

  • Fix deploy does not work when using only -project flag
  • Add missing option prune-branches to Bitbucket integration
  • Add support for MySQL/MariaDB Docker images using MARIADB_ instead of MYSQL_ for en vars
  • Allow to use env:debug with the main environment of non production projects
  • Allow to use `env:debug --off with any environment on any project
  • Fix parsing of PHP and FPM log lines

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Waiting release of Workflow with Context in event!
Also nice to have Beanstalkd bridge for messenger component.
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